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Hello, to celebrate the rename to good old CloutCobain I'm uploading a definitive guide on how to make money on nulled's marketplace, with no prior knowledge and no monetary investment whatsoever!

Enjoy the guide, learn how it works and understand it, and you will be on your way to become a contributing member of Nulled! See you in the SB!



How to make money on Nulled's marketplace without ANY knowledge or investment!

What you'll need:


  • A pretty good brain
  • Market knowledge
  • Patience

You're now a Pleb. You have nothing on your name.

So, what should you do to make money?


First of all, you will need to figure out what you will sell on nulled. What can you do really good? Do you have a talent at coding? Do you have an idea that hasn't been done in nulled yet? Do you know how to crack and get A LOT of hits? Are you familiar with marketing?

This is the hard part of the guide. You have no money, you know nobody, nobody knows you. You need to find what you will sell on nulled. You need to find it for free. What you need is to be one-of-a-kind, you need to be cheapest, you need to offer the best service if you wanna sell something and be good at it.

Maybe you have found a way to get Giftcards or license keys for a shop/product that nobody is selling on Nulled. You have stumbled upon a great opportunity and you can open up a shop specializing in just that.


If you wanna sell accounts; figure out how cracking works, get combos from leaks, check 'em right before selling them to a customer. If you know how to crack, crack the accounts yourself with public combos and offer warranty on them! BECOME AN AUTOSHOP WITH PAYPAL IF YOU CAN! People want to be able to buy with payment methods available to them and receive their product as fast as they can, even if they don't have to talk to you. The fees will be high especially if you receive PayPal but it will be worth it because of all the people buying from you. If you want people to get to your service, you need to be the CHEAPEST on nulled. That's the only way that people will actually come up to you. IF you are offering an account that is not available anywhere else, you have come upon a niche market, you can set your own price, and adjust it depending to people that actually buy them or not.

If you want to offer services; be sure that you are either the first or the cheapest. If you can guarantee results and can deliver them, offer A LOT of vouches. A buyer will trust you a lot more if they see vouches from 5 different moderators. You MUST accept a middleman and/or receive payment upon confirmation of shipment/upon issue of tracking number if you get one. And if you actually are the best with a private method, does it really matter if nobody orders from you because of your high price?


At the opening stages of your shop, if you know how to make a pretty thread design for yourself or for free, then go for it. It will look better and will probably give you more customers because you will make them feel like your shop is premium and that you have made a lot of money from it. If you can't, there is no problem, you can create pretty thread designs using nothing but Nulled's own text editor, like some of my own threads, or for a nice thread design that was designed in Photoshop, something like this.

Make sure to include some kind of bold advertisment that you can actually back up if shit hits the fan, and to have some kind of warranty in place just in case. Make sure all of that is in a spoiler tab for a cleaner look and you should screenshot your vouches and place them there, in their own spoiler tab.


You are only allowed to bump your thread once per day. You will NEED to be ON TIME and bumping EVERY DAY if you want to keep growing. Don't allow your thread to be burried because nobody will see them. If you want to risk and bend the rules, that's on you and I personally believe you shouldn't because you are giving yourself an unfair advantage compared to your competitors.


If you want to create a sense of trust around your name you will need to offer A LOT of vouch copies. Don't think of it as a giveaway and as ruined profit, think of it as a way to make a name for yourself.

It's important to note that Nulled only allows people that are royal and up to receive vouch copies, so don't give vouches to Aquas and Novas just because they're popular.


After some vouches given out and some buyers, regulars and not, you will need to start making your name known in the community. You should start contributing to the forums with leaks of accounts/guides like this one/combolists/proxies and with giveaways. Once you reach 250 likes you will get the contributor UG, somethign that is highly respected amongst the community and will give you access to the PREMIUM SELLERS SECTION!

Move your store(s) there and you will see aMASSIVE spike on your orders! After that you can buy other keys/accounts/services to open up a new store that you think you can profit from, get a rank like Aqua and Nova for more features like a custom postbit and all the fancy awards!

After reaching Contributor, go for royal, go for Legendary, hell if you can go to Godly then you WILL BE the ULTIMATE MADLAD, like @HomesickForUs today .

Throughout your road to riches you will encounter many friends and foes. Try to make a lot of friends that will help you in your climb and try to eliminate negativity during the climb by just trying not to make any enemies and being as positive as you can. Even in your day-to-day conversations with customers, try to treat them as equals and you will see them coming back. That's why people like a certain individual here with royal and a name that starts with Pre has literally 50% -reps and 50% +reps. He treats people like peasants and acts like he's the best around. And that is NOT how you run a successful business in Nulled.

After that, you're on your merry way to be somebody on Nulled, and make some money from that. You now know a lot about the community, what it needs, and what you can do to make it a better one and make some money from it in the process.

Good luck on your endeavours and I hope I'll see you in many threads and fuck around with you in SB!

I'd like to give a special thanks to homesickerino for guiding me through tons of decisions in Nulled, and for helping me cementing myself as a member here. He took me in as a pleb with 10 threads and with 5 leecher value and turned me into an actual contributor to Nulled, with a "bright future" as he falsely says .