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  1. Gold Max

    ATM Must Know

    Code: The engineering codes are used to opereting repair and adjustment of ATMs. For the most part and are used in old and new ATMs Japanese (brand not specified), the difference is only the immediate combination of signs codde. What can I do with inject code with the ATM. Opportunities well...
  2. Gold Max

    Guide To D+P Cashout

    I'm writing this guide because after reading the cashout guide posted by Deadmouse I would have to say I completely disagree with most of the things he said(no disrespect). However, if what was said about the cameras activating only when a card is inserted then I learned something new and I...
  3. Gold Max

    Google Play Carding Method & Bins

    Google play store carding 1.If you wanna card Google play and Google play gift card As usual clear your Cookies in browser via Ccleaner. [According to the BIN, I have mentioned the IP below] 2. Then go to any app that is paid and below like 2$ or less , go to payment info. 3. Get your live CC...
  4. Gold Max

    Social media’s role in SIM swap fraud 2024

    Social media’s role in SIM swap fraud Scammers can use your social media profiles to gather information on you that may help them impersonate you when they’re trying to close a SIM swap scam. Say your mother’s maiden name or your high school mascot are answers to your security questions. A...
  5. Gold Max

    Netflix High Quality Trick No Creditcard Needed Anymore | Jan 2024

    NOTE: This Trick Will Work On Mobile Devices Don't Try on Netflix site. STEP 1 : Download VPN (HOLA VPN PLUS MOD) STEP 2 : Open the VPN and connect to Kenya country STEP 3 : Download Netflix App From Play Store. NOTE - If you already have Netflix App then Delete it then Download New Netflix App...
  6. Gold Max

    How To Get Free Rdp - Vps For 1 Year

    Requirements: Phone Number, CC/Vcc With 1$ (the 1$ will be refunded) Step 1: If you don't have a cc already go here and make a account with 1$( if you already have a cc/vcc with 1$ skip this) Step 2: Go here and press "Get Started" and make a account. Step 3: When Amazon will ask you for your...
  7. Gold Max

    How To Get A Free And Fast Rdp For Lifetime !

    This is a cool way to get Free RDP , So fast one for lifetime ! this is for my family. --- 1-open ur gmail acc 2-Open : 3- Click on File 4-Copy/Past this code
  8. Gold Max

    Usa NON VBV Bin For Easy Hits

  9. Gold Max

    Bin AliExpress 2024

    Bin AliExpress 2024 BIN:521307100054xxxx CVV:RND DATE:02|26 IP: RND
  10. Gold Max

    Chase Cashout Tutorial

  11. Gold Max

    Adding Amazon Pay Balance

    Requirements: A Rooted Phone IMEI NUMBER MUST ME CHANGE. DEVICE ID CHANGED You Have Working Bin non vbv CC. Or vbv cc with password. You have cc matching Socks5. cc cleaner app installed Proxy Droid Apk Must Be Installed app Express VPN A Old Account A 20k+ Limit us Credit...
  12. Gold Max

    NEW Best Buy Carding method WITH PROOF

    METHOD AS OF SEPTEMBER 2023 (Ill keep working on it to perfect it to get apple products and shipping will update monthly) Disclaimer - this only works for pick up - NO APPLE PRODUCTS DON'T EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME THEY WILL AUTO CANCEL IT - You can use fake ID or your real ID, if your item is under...
  13. Gold Max

    How To Get Fresh Live Proxies For Cracking Accounts

    Note: If you already have your own Proxies you can skip to Number 3 1) First of all you will need to get proxies there is a lot of websites that post proxies all the time but if you don't know any you can go here: 2) in that site they will tell you how...
  14. Gold Max

    G2A Carding Method

    ❗️First of All What is ? G2A is digital gaming marketplace, where you can buy / sell gaming items / keys / etc ✔️Lets go to the point: 1. Prepare valid cards, find some non vbv bins cards from these country Iceland, Turkey, Japan, Peru or using some usa & canada that can make password...
  15. Gold Max

    What's needed to overcom e the com plication of writing m achine language is a translator.

    What's needed to overcom e the com plication of writing m achine language is a translator. An assem bler is one form of m achine-language translator—it is a program that translates assem bly language into m achine-readable code. Assem bly language is less cryptic than m achine language, since it...
  16. Gold Max

    Dark FB Script Without Login

    The First Facebook hacking tool for Termux is Dark FB. Now you can use the latest Dark FB script without logging into Facebook at Termux. pkg update && pkg upgrade pkg install git pkg install python2 pip2 install tqdm pip2 install requests pip2 install mechanize git clone...
  17. Gold Max


    AXOM-FB-HACK Tool can also be used to Profile Guard, Mass accept friends requests, Bot comment, Get a friend’s phone number and Get a friend’s phone number from a friend. pkg update && pkg upgrade pkg install git pkg install python2 git clone cd...
  18. Gold Max

    10 Japan High Balance Cc's Approved

    3573653578561042|03/29|298|DAIKI NEMOTO|Kamiishida |Kokuraminami-ku Kitakyushu-shi|Fukuoka|8020833|JP||[email protected]||Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.1.2; SM-G988N) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 4721620041826384|12/27|185|浅野美津子...
  19. Gold Max

    Metasploit Framework:

    Metasploit is an open-source penetration testing framework that allows security professionals to assess vulnerabilities and execute exploits against target systems. It offers a vast array of payloads, including shellcode, meterpreter, and various scripting languages, for compromising target...
  20. Gold Max

    BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework): A tool focused on exploiting web browser vulnerabilities

    BeEF, short for Browser Exploitation Framework, is an open-source security tool designed for testing the security of web browsers. It focuses on exploiting vulnerabilities in web browsers to demonstrate their potential impact on web application security. BeEF allows security professionals to...