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  1. TOKYO

    4 Australia Visa Cards Live!

    4434380007228038|05|25|376|Jacinta Hansen|2 Dubai Cct, Spring Mountain|SPRING MOUNTAIN|4300|0478125139| 4622390438373057|11|25|925|Jessica Chinn|4 Athol ave Bundoora|BUNDOORA|3083|0415664872| 4017954141170267|06|25|134|tsumi Ikeda|9/24 Brighton Rd|HIGHGATE HILL|4101|0433900715|...
  2. TOKYO

    How to make track1 with track2

    Short tutorial, on how to make track one with track 2. Take example of last dump Track2 (this is a dump): Example dump info: 4888603170607238=15051011203191805191 PATACSIL/DAVID Bank of America, N.A. (USA) CREDIT PLATINUM United States of America 4888603170607238=15051011203191805191...
  3. TOKYO

    Taiwan Valid Visa Credit

  4. TOKYO

    Canada Visa Live And Valid

    4520050036552295:09/25:918:CLASSIC:32 De Gascogne:QC:J8T 1N5:Gatineau:Aline Grenier:1-8192461150::23676
  5. TOKYO

    3 Australian Live Cc's Free From crdcrew

    4564627117573477|06|2024|630|Robert E. Tucker|35 Adavale Road|WIARBOROUGHNSW2580|||(02) 6130 4826|DOB: March 12, 1975|AUSTRALIA 5217295271989075|06|2025|601|Bessie J. Cobbs|86 Edgecliff Road|POTTSPOINTNSW2011|||(02) 9313 9132|DOB: October 5, 1956|AUSTRALIA 5165230173131262|07|2025|664|Eugene...
  6. TOKYO

    Vietnam Visa Classic Buying

    CCnum:: 4221498668926216 Cvv: 798 Expm: 02 Expy: 25Fname: Ngoc Lname: Anh Vu Address: No 32 Dai Tu street Hoang Mai district Hanoi Vietnam City: HANOI State: Zip: 84 Country: VIETNAM Phone: 0384942387 Email: [email protected]
  7. TOKYO


    Checking Credit Cards #Tutorial So many people ask me how to check cc's,many people are making threads and posting like ""CC CHECKER's",many people share sites to check cc.... ALL THAT is B******T. There is no tool,no site,no program,no app idk what ever what can check credit card and is it...
  8. TOKYO

    Microsoft Set to Block SolarWinds Orion Binaries

    Microsoft is preparing to quarantine malicious versions of the SolarWinds Orion application used in recent nation state attacks, in a move that may crash systems. The computing giant had previously released detections to alert customers of its Windows Defender security product if they were...
  9. TOKYO

    A Basic UNIX Overview

    A Basic UNIX Overview Asriel UNIX FOR DOS ADDICTED WaReZ PuPPieZ AND THEIR PETS Introduction ------------ One of the most common operating systems in existance is Unix. Unix exists in many different flavors, from Berkeley BSD to AT&T System V to SunOs. Basic working knowledge of Unix is...
  10. TOKYO

    Carding through DELL

    This method was tested on March 2016. To get started, you need to get the followings: Fresh Drop (if ur drop is blacklist in DELL u won’t pass even ur CC is good) Good CCV, in example click this Sock / VPN / SSH / VPS (tis not important, but good sock at same state of CC is better) Now, lets...
  11. TOKYO

    Ebay carding method 2023

    For start you need a Ebay account Now, You will sell a "guide" of a computer , but the buyer believes buy a computer when he bought a "guide" So , You sell a MacBook Guide (For example) 1)-For the categorie of the macbook , choice "Books" or "Computers>Manuals & Resources". 2)-Select your price...
  12. TOKYO

    Amazon Carding Tutorial/Guide

    Here is another tutorial/guide to help you have a better success at carding Amazon. I believe there are various methods on how to do it, but this is one that I have put together with advice and help from various venders and posts on forums. Requirements: • CC with FULL billing information (do...
  13. TOKYO

    sqlmap GUI v.01

    SQL Map GUI is a lightweight Windows application designed specifically as a GUI for the sqlmap program written in C# that automates the process of identifying and exploiting SQL injection flaws, and taking over of backend database servers. Its purpose is to help you query your database using...
  14. TOKYO

    Wireless Security Guide: Introduction to LEAP Authentication

    Introduction The LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol) is a communications protocol that was developed by Cisco for use in point-to-point connections and wireless networks. However, its security flaws became obvious and people quickly came to prefer alternatives. In this...
  15. TOKYO


    1. GET A GOOD CVV MASTER CARD You could get it on verifiedcarder.ws or any other legit cc site you know 2 - Getting A RDP/socks It should match the city/state of cc holder!!! [BE ON RPD/SOCKS5 FOR STEP THREE AND FOUR] 3 - Make Email Contain Credit Card Holder Name (E.g...
  16. TOKYO

    YouPHPTube 7.7 SQL Injection Vulnerability

    YouPHPTube <= 7.7 (getChat.json.php) SQL Injection Vulnerability ---------------------------------------------------------------- [-] Software Link: https://www.youphptube.com [-] Affected Versions: Version 7.7 and prior versions. [-] Vulnerability Description: User input passed through the...
  17. TOKYO

    PHP INBOX MASS MAILER with attach any file

  18. TOKYO

    20 Fresh C99 Shell for all kind of page uploading

  19. TOKYO

    irs tax refund scam page

    irs tax refund scam page
  20. TOKYO

    [ebook] how to become a professional penetration tester

    m Not the creator of this Ebook, just sharing this to people into hacking Hello Everybody Ebook 2023 | How to Become a Professional Penetration Tester Download: https://anonfile.com...ster_HF.pdf_zip