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    Recover deleted files in windows

    If you have lost important files from your hard drive and if you are sure that they have been deleted, don’t panic! Uneraser is simple software that can help. In this tutorial, we will see how Uneraser works. Download here For example, I delete movie file on Local Disk (E:) , how to recover...
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    How to create your own HTTP server

    After reading this you can create your own http server in your system. A web server is software installed on a computer that allows other computers to access specific files on that computer/server. There are many reasons to create your own home servers. For example: file sharing, so you can...
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    How to secure your system from Keyloggers

    Now a days keylogger is major problem for all. So we should learn to secure our computer from keylogger. This article will help for ethical hackers or who want to protect their pc. What is Keylogger? Keylogger is one of spyware which will what type you through the keyboard and send it to...
  4. Gold Max

    C program and how to compile it.

    Hackers should have at least basic knowledge about programming. Plenty of hackers choose python as their first language. Thought it is good scripting language, i would suggest you to start from a solid programming language. So, the best one is C Programming. You may not be using the C...
  5. Gold Max

    Create a virus program to disable the USB ports in C program

    All budding hackers eager to learn how to create a virus . Here is simple tutorial which will make a virus in c program(no need to worry ,if you don’t know about c program because coding is here for you). Steps to follow: 1. Download the source files from here: Download 2. Extract the...
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    What is computer hacking? Introduction to Hacking

    What is computer hacking? In a cyber security world, the person who is able to discover weakness in a system and managed to exploit it to accomplish his goal referred as a Hacker , and the process is referred as Hacking. Now a days, People started think that hacking is only hijacking Facebook...
  7. Gold Max

    How to create fake or Phishing web page for gmail

    This post will explain you how to create fake or phishing web page for gmail. This Procedure can be used to make fake page for other websites like yahoo,msn,or any other sites which you want to steal the password of particular user. Steps for Creating Phishing or Fake web Page: Step 1: Go to the...
  8. Gold Max

    Delete Your Facebook Account permanently

    If you decide to delete your facebook account permanently then this tutorial is for you. In facebook when you deactivate your account from Account page, your profile and all information associated with it are inaccessible to the other users. In future if you decide to use your account ,you can...
  9. Gold Max

    create shortcut for shutdown

    Obviously everyone want shortcut for everything. Here is the trick to create a shortcut for shutdown on Desktop.Follow the steps., Step1: Right click on your new and click new shortcut. Step2:a small window will open. for shutdown type as “shutdown -s -t 00 for logoff type as...
  10. Gold Max

    Trace the location , service provider of mobile number

    what is the use of tracing the mobile number? If some one disturbing you from unknown no, you can trace the location of their number. It may use for annoying prank calls, blackmails, unknown number in a missed call list or similar. Even though it is not possible to trace the number back...
  11. Gold Max

    Non-Vbv 2022 Updated List Of (easy) Cardable Sites

    – Comics / manga. No security can deliver in BAL depending on the size of the package. – Stylish leather objects mainly (iPhone pouch, purse, bag) – Do not exceed €250/300 for the first order and then for the second you can...
  12. Gold Max

    15 most needed Network security/Hacking tools

    1. Nmap I think everyone has heard of this one, recently evolved into the 4.x series. Nmap (“Network Mapper”) is a free open source utility for network exploration or security auditing. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, although it works fine against single hosts. Nmap uses raw IP...
  13. Gold Max

    How to Customize the Login Wallpaper in Windows 7

    In windows 7 ,it is easy to change the Login Screen Wallpaper. This trick will look very cool. Don’t worry no problem will arise. You can simply change it by editing Registry. Steps to Follow: Step 1: 1. The image you need to set as the background should be a .jpg file and it’s size should...
  14. Gold Max

    Alternative for Command prompt. Use if cmd is blocked

    Most of Internet cafe or some other public access computer has command prompt blocked. Command prompt is blocked for some security reasons. But without command prompt it is very hard to hack the networking system or the same pc. There are several tweaks and hacks to enable command prompt, but...
  15. Gold Max

    How to Use Free Airtel GPRS in Pc also

    We are using Airtel GPRS for free from 2005 . Still Airtel didn’t debug it. But Airtel block many of browser and client Now the Airtel is GPRS is again hacked using Proxifier. How to use it? dialup number- *99# or *99*1# (it depends handset model) Access point- (default airtel...
  16. Gold Max

    Facebook now giving email address for all users |how to get?

    Facebook recently includes a new feature which is giving mail address for its users. To Get the Email address You need to get the invitation from Facebook. To get the invitation click this link or go to this site: In that Page you will asked to click...
  17. Gold Max

    Most Important things about security Who think they are 100 percentage secure

    “The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards.” – Gene Spafford 100 % secure If you are thinking that you are 100 % percentage, then You may not know the real truth. Let me explain you how you are...
  18. Gold Max

    Delete all temporary files by simple click|Batch Programming

    T5V6P3XV8NNR Today I am going to guide you to create a Batch Program to delete all unwanted temporary files from your temp folder. 1.Copy this code : ECHO This Batch File deletes all unwanted Temporary files from your system ECHO Now we go to the Windowstemp directory. cd %temp% ECHO...
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    How to use Proxifier to Hack the Airtel GPRS

    In my last post i told you to use to hack the Airtel GPRS use Proxifier. But i didn’t tell you the procedure. so here is the steps to set up the proxifier. connect your mobile in pc suite mode. Set access point as “” and dial. It will connect. In order to make it work follow...
  20. Gold Max

    How to Hide Keyloggers and Trojan with Binders?

    Keyloggers and Trojan can be onlye exe file so victims may be easily find it is some other softwares. Here is tutorial to bind the keylogger or trojan with the Image files(jpeg,gif) or movie files. What is binder software? A Binder is a software used to bind or combine to or more files under...