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I want to present you my free method I'm making $8-9 per hour. This is an average, as you can make more than that. It does not involve ADS, posting links to sites or other hard things. All you have to do is to know 2 languages (for example: English and French or English and German, etc). Payment proof inside spoiler.

I'm glad you are interested about my method

So, first of all it's about a translation site (don't worry, it's not about translating tons of content for some cents). On this site all you have to do is to translate pieces of text, usually less than 100 words from one language to another (you choose the languages) to earn points.
First, after you sign up, you have to take 5 translations (those are the mini-tests you have to pass) and you will make about 100 points from those. The great part is that you have, for example, a text in English and it already gives you a "Google translate" translate, and all you have to do is to edit the tenses and other grammatical things. Then you make more little-translations (each will give you 12-20 points) till you have 500 points. After you have 500 points someone will review, manually, your translations and if he/she rates you 4 or 5 stars (out of 5), you can start making PAID TRANSLATIONS that will give you 8$ per hour. As you translate faster this amount will increase.

If you register under me and you make your first 5$, BOTH me and you will receive an additional 5$ in our accounts. Isn't it cool?

Payment proof:

Have fun and upvote if you like it