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I have got time to kill so I thought I would make a little guide for people who want to start working online.

There are 1000s of ways to make money online and even old public methods still work.

This list is totally random stuff poppin into my head lol


You could do video testimonials I used a software that when I talked it made a video of a cartoon talking. I can't think of the program it came with my old pc.
I did this because it wasn't my face. It was also different from the normal spokes person.

You could install wordpress on customers hosting(takes like 5 mins). No idea why people buy this but they do.

You could make custom wordpress themes I found a software that makes it so easy anyone can do it(issue is people get bitchy and expect too much for $5).

You could find tons of free public domain ebooks and sell them.

If your good with photoshop you can get a girl holding a sign and people will pay you $5 to write there name on it.

You could sell traffic and just use a proxy traffic bot. People are dumb long as the traffic is a different IP and random view times no one will notice on fiverr.

You could buy a ton of fake followers on some forums then sell shoutouts. Post a gig on fiverr titled shoutouts $5 to 100k followers.

You could buy from seoclerk and sell for more on fiverr, when someone places a order on fiverr you can just buy it from seoclerk. You will only make a few $s of profit

The key to fiverr is having tons of different gig's. You wont sell 50 of the same gig a day but you can sell 1 a day and have 50 different gig's.

Reselling From Fiverr

You can almost resell fiverr services anywhere, just find something that is selling for more than $5 and check fiverr.


This is very powerful site and the possibility are endless on what you can do with it.

You could post an ad on it for a chick (don't pick a model pick an average girl, it looks more real).

Post it in the W4M and when they email you have your Gmail set up with a autoresponder
sending them to a CPA offer for fuckbook or chaturbate. Give them some bull shit about go there to talk to you..... Be creative get your SE on....

You could email people on the resume section and make your self sound like a business that is paying $$ to test your survey system out. These people want money so they could bite. Or you could get a affiliate account on a drop shipping business some pay around $40 per signup email. People are saying you can make a living online from drop shipping + ebay. Find a drop shipping site that makes it look like after you pay the $100 fee to join you get amazing deals for like Ipad's for $50 (most of them do make theses scamming ass claims).

Keep in mind craigslist is a bitch and they have some bad ass scripting to detect spammers. 99% of proxies are detected, so if you do use a proxy make sure its high elite and private not some crap proxy you find on a public or membership site.
(I suggest fiverr its $5 for 4 private proxies and they last 30 days).

Do some research on "Ghosting" before even try anything on craigslist.


For anything to work on these sites your need a lot of real followers, and going to some shop buying 1k followers for $1 is 100% worthless so don't even waste your time. Also same goes for buying into tweetdesks. You need real followers in your niche and the only way I know how this is done is if you post relevant HQ posts daily. You can also follow people and get lucky and they or one of there followers will follow you. But the main thing is posting relevant HQ post.

Once you have a good following you can post a CPA link but do not spam it. I would only post 1 CPA offer a day maybe even less and never post the same one more than once a week, you basically need to sneak them in. I think posting too little can only slow you from getting followers but posting too much can lose you followers keep that in mind.

You could also use your twitter to get you Facebook likes.


Now ebay back in the day used to be so much better but now a days with the ebay fees out of control its hard to make any money from some of the old methods. But here are some ideas.

You can go to they have a shit load of audiobooks you can burn them on CD and sell them on ebay or even amazon. The key is a good looking CD label.

It takes just a few mins to make with a CD label making software.
Buy blank CD's and CD labels in bulk on ebay to cut cost.

You can do the same with public domain ebooks like cooking ebooks and basically anything. But make sure you burn it on CD. You dont even need to go to the post office you can print shipping labels from home and just put them in the mail box.

You can sell "Wholesale Lists". Now this is basically tricking people because your title is "Ipod 32GB Wholesale List". People are dumb and they just buy it even with huge red font saying you are not buying a Ipod you are buying a list of contacts to get Ipods wholesale. You can get $25 per sale. DO NOT go over $25 or ebay will ban you. Now just print out a piece of paper with some websites and mail it to them with tracking. (tracking so they can't pp chargeback).

Tips for selling real stuff on ebay. I know this sounds crazy but make your item say its a laptop worth over $500 starting bid $0.99 no reserve. This is some kind of SE or something but once a person bids on something and they feel like it is theirs...... I have tons of research on this personally. People who start a bid of $0.99 end up getting more even when a different seller has it for a cheaper buy it now. (Yeah i know but if you don't believe me go to completed listings on ebay) Do your own research.

I highly suggest also to stay away from drop shipping. You will never find a place who sells anything cheaper than you can find on eBay. This is a fact in my mind. Unless you buy 100s of something to get a huge discount.

CPA Ewhoring

Now this is kinda the same as instagram and twitter you need a following.

What you want to do is make an account on Tagged, Meetme, Facebook, Etc. You don't need to reply to any messages just keep posting pics, status updates, accepting friend requests everyday. Don't make the account today and start posting CPA links age the accounts get tons of friends, then you could one day post add me on fuckbook or im doing a live cam on chaturbate.

To get even more traffic to your social accounts is you can spam omegle or other chat sites.

You can really up your game by making a few accounts in different citys on each site.

Using Micro Sites With CPA

Now there are tons of site's you can pay people small amounts to get small tasks done.
For example you could use Pay someone $1 to complete a CPA offer that gets you $5. The trick to not getting banned is you set up a website, it could even be a free wordpress site but make it look ok..... Because the CPA network MOD will review where your traffic is coming from. He will take one glance at the site and have no idea where your getting traffic from.

I think the best site to set up is some kind of free gift card site because most of the CPA offers are for free gift cards. The customer only needs to enter his email and you get paid.

Social Media Exchange Sites

Now most of us know about sites like addmefast, well there are also tons of free and paid scripts out there for these sites you could have your very own addmefast in 5 mins. The hard part is getting it members and thats a whole different story, but in a nut shell SEO, social media sites, blogs, forums, bing, etc. Go hard.
If you do get a paid or free script I highly suggest you fix the hacks/glitch's in it because they are there.....

Freelance Coders

If you can not code but you have good ideas. You can go to, hire a coder and start selling your software. Or if you have a good website idea, there is a guy on freelancer who can make it happen. The key to this is having money to invest. If a guy bids $200 for a piece of software or website with 0 feedback trust me its a scam. Coding isn't cheap the real guys cost a lot. I Highly recommend to use a lot of milestones. With a clear plan via the freelancer messenger so if anything goes off track you can get a refund. Freelancer will fully review all the IM's. DO NOT rush into a deal. Be 100% on the same page as the freelancer.


Now if you are good with graphics, you can get jobs on freelancer, or making thread designs for members. You could also design tee shirts on The trick to this is going with a small niche market. For an example you live in Indiana around the University of Notre Dame, you could make a awesome University of Notre Dame tee shirt. You can then make a advertisement on Facebook and hope for the best.

I would set up the Facebook Ad with only target 18-25 in that area, with football interest, college, sports, etc.....

You can even make a website offering custom graphics for websites/sales threads/and a whole tee shirt collection. Or maybe just go to fiverr and make simple banners/logos.


All you need to do is go to


Install manycam set it up with your VCW open skype, set it up to use your manycam.
Then go to and post your ewhore skype name. Then post on all your social accounts your skype name. (As you should have tons of ewhore social profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MeetMe, Tagged, etc).

When people contact you via skype come up with some bull shit about you need money for college books or you need rent.

Say your only online to do live cam show for $$'s, feel them out maybe $50 an hour some $200 per hour. If they ask for a sneak peak go on cam for 5 seconds click the wave button so the VCW waves, then close the cam. If he wants more just be hard with NO you pay if any more.

I suggest only being paid in AGC's

Here is a way that worked for me.

Customer: hi
You: hi
bull shit with them for a min sometimes its best to let them ask to go on cam. Then drop the line of i will go on cam and do anything you want if you can help me buy a college book i need really bad.......

If they ask to go on cam like i said just wave and close the cam.......

Pay to click / Pay per survey

There are tons of sites you can get paid to do surveys or click shit. This in my mind is a waste of time. but yes you can get paid from doing surveys or clicking. I mean even amazon got on this game. (Just google micro gigs or micro jobs )

Using Fake Traffic

When i say fake traffic i mean using hitleap or anything close to it. You could trick people on fiverr with a proxy bot faking real traffic, or sending them hitleap traffic. But you will never make $'s from this fake traffic with an affilate, PPC, PPI, CPA, etc.....

Say you send a offer that pays $0.10 per click they will just ban you and never pay you. Why? well you gave them shit traffic. Why would they pay you $100 when they made $0....... The key to keeping a affiliate account / CPA account open is they make money.

Google Traffic

This can be a gold mine. How is it done? Well, its called SEO and you should read

There are many factors when it comes to being ranked on google. Traffic value, Domain name vs keyword. (if your keyword is "buy ipods" you would want )
If your keyword is your domain name you have a good chance to get ranked.
Also onsite SEO factors,
do you have the keyword linked to a
If you own own you should also have a page called with SEO on the page......
You also want to have links on other blogs/forums.

How you do this is go to google search, google blog search then search your keyword.
Say its "buy Ipods". You will find a ton of blogs about "Ipods". Make a relevant comment on the blog, saying something like blah blah blah "relevant" blah blah. I got a good deal from just wanted to share that. This is a huge backlink Plus you get traffic for life. You do not want backlinks from non relevant sites...... If your selling Ipods you dont want a link from a site who is about cars......

Making Blogs For Gaming Niche

So this can sometimes work if you can get the site real traffic. All you got to do is find a game that needs beta codes, make a wordpress site that claims "If you take this survey you will get a free beta code. Works best if they really do get a beta code. If your just scamming people your site will quickly be known as a scam. But if your legit they will tell all there friends about your site.

To get traffic you can post on blogs, forums, make YT videos, or do SEO.

Reselling Social Services
This is pretty played out but yes you can buy likes,followers,etc... on some forums for like $1 per 1k so you just make a sales thread on a different forum. or social media account, fiverr, basically anywhere you can find buyers say its like $5 per 1k and then just buy on some forums for $1 BAM $4 profit.


On this site you can find just about anything. All you got to do is sign up find a product you want to resell and post it on forums, make a blog about it making the site sound like its just a review from a buyer, i have even seen people sell software from JVzoo on here. I think is was a twitter bot.

Selling Software

You can have 0 knowledge about coding all you need to do is go to make an account and post a job its 100% free you can post every software idea you got and see how much its going to cost. Next step is just paying for it to be made. After that all you need to do is post it for sale on forums, and make a website too if you want a chance on some free google traffic.

Google/Yelp Reviews Repair

Never tried this because i know how owning a business you get tons of spam emails/phone calls. But you can go to google or yelp, and find local restaurants, contact them via email or phone. Come up with some good shit about you are a business that pays peoples bills in exchange for there review on google. You charge $200 for 10 people to come be a secret shopper. Then all you need to do is make 10 gmail accounts and post fake reviews, BAM customer thinks you actually did it and you just made $200.

Reselling From aliexpress

This can work for amazon or ebay. For an example:

You can buy this at $0.76 each


But you can sell them on amazon for $2.99 each Lure

So just buy a ton of them and start selling.

Using You Signature To Make $'s

So some forums do not allow referral links in your signature so don't do this on a forum that has that rule. But all you got to do is find some site that pays like $1 per free signup and make that your signature. For an example: Go to any CPA site find a email submit only offer (meaning all the people have to do is enter a email for you to get paid)
Find a offer that is for like "Win a free best buy gift card"

I hope this helps some members or at least open's your mind.... be creative.Superman