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You can bypass the security question and hack the friend’s face book account with 2 mutual Friends.
Facebook Feature(drawback)?
Facebook provides option to recover your account with security question. But if you forget the answer , still you can recover with your 3 friends account.

How the Hackers hacking the facebook accounts?

if they are not your friends, they may request with 3 fake facebook accounts to become a friend. if they are your friend, it is very simple to hack your account.
At first hacker will visit the forget password page of facebook. and search for your/victim account with their details (if he want to hack means, definitely he analyze completely about you). So he will enter the details of yours and find your account.
Select “This is my account” and click the next button. Facebook will show the password recovery option. But simply you can bypass this by clicking “No longer have access to these?”
Facebook will ask you to enter the new email address. When you enter, it will ask you to answer for the “Security Question”. Here is the major security hole of the Facebook. Facebook provides here to recover the password in another way, when you don’t know the security question answer. You can recover/hack the account with three friends of the account.
If you answer three times wrongly for the security question, it will bring you to the recover the account with friends page. So if you select any trusted friends, the security code will be send to the friends. By getting all security codes, you can gain access to the account. The main drawback is that hackers can be a friend. He can select 3 trusted friends as his fake profile. Now your account will be hacked.

So sad..!!! Don’t worry ..!! i am here to give you some security tips to protect your account from hackers.

Facebook Security Tips

  • Don’t Set “Security Question” for your Facebook account.
  • Register your mobile: This is best security provided by
    • Login to your facebook account
    • click the Account->Account Settings
    • click the change button near to the Account security
    • Select the third option i.e. “Login Approvals. This means that facebook account will send message to your mobile whenever you/hacker logins from different system.
    • Enter your own mobile number.
    • oh i forget to ask you 1 thing. are you from your own system? if you yes, you will have some additional security. if you have public cafe, sorry your account can not use this security option.
    • Enter your computer name.

That’s all your account is safe until there is another vulnerability found by hackers. Keep in touch , i will give you security tips for you.