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In this guide I'm going to show you step by step how to get a free .edu Email within a few hours.

First, go to this URL https://applycredit....D_CRED_AUTH.GBL
They will ask you to provide an email first, you can use whatever email you want for this part it doesn't matter as long as you have access to it (I prefer to make a new email for this kind of things but it's up to you).
After that you will have to confirm your email by entering the code they sent you.
Now pick this option "Pursue a two-year associate degree or certificate from CCC or earn college credits to transfer to a four-year institution."
You have to choose when you want to start classes etc. I don't know if this part matters a lot but here is what I picked and it worked for me:

*I plan to start classes in: Fall 2019
*I plan to attend: Harold Washington College
*I am a: First Time College Student: I have not attended college previously
*I am interested in pursuing a career in: Natural Sciences

We have to fill our information now but of course we're not using our real info, instead go to this website, in gender pick male, name set american and country United States
Fill out those parts:
1) First and Last name (Copy them from the fake name generator as well as the rest of the info excluding birthday)
2) Country, Address line 1, City, State, Postal Code (The Full Address is right below the full name on the generator website if you can't find it)
3) Preferred Phone (In "Phone Type" pick mobile)
4) For Birthday don't copy it from the generator instead type in a date somewhere between 1996 and 2000 (and some random month and day)
5) Gender Male
6) Now you will be asked a few questions and this is how to answer them:

*Do you plan to apply for Federal Financial Aid?: NO
*If you graduated from a CPS/CPS charter high school or a Chicago-based Big Shoulders Fund partnered high school with a 3.0 or higher GPA, you could be eligible for the Star Scholarship. Are you interested in receiving information about the Star Scholarship? : NO
*Birth Country: I've choosen China for this one, don't know if it matters, if unsure just pick China

*Will you be here on a visa?: NO

7) Now you will be asked some questions about your education and here is how to answer them:

*Highest Level of Education: Middle school (I think this one doesn't really matter)

*School Status: Graduated

Now Pick "I was home schooled"

*Graduation/Diploma Date: Just type in a believable date

Ok, we are done with the application part, click on Submit Application

The next page is going to ask to confirm your personal details before submission just click OK

And click OK on the next page as well

Now check the email that you entered in the first part of this guide, you should get an email from them with your .edu email address and a password that you will have to change.

If you got your email address and changed the password you can now go tooutlook and login to your brand new .edu email

NOTE: They will send you a couple of emails before sending you the one with the .edu email info so be patient it might take up to a few hours (I think that it usually takes no more than an hour)