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100% New Keyword Method (paid)


Staff member
# Requirements:
+ Note/Notepad++
+ Chrome
+ Your main keyword
-> With this Method you can be very exact when choosing your Keywords. (Example: Chaturbate, Mmoga, Steam... )
# How to get the Keywords:
1. Start chrome and go to: (".com" can be replaced by your desired region [.it, .de, .br, ...] )
2. Enter your desired Keyword in the search bar (Example: LoL)
3. Repeat the following step until you reached your desired amount of keywords:
- Click on any image.
- Right Click > Open image/picture in a new tab.
- Now look at the url: https://cdn.techinas...league-meld.jpg
(Sometimes the links are just random numbers. In that case move on with the next picture)
- Copy everything after the last "/" into Note/Notepad++
- Remove the format (".jpg" ;".png" ;...)
- That's it!