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Step one

Create Wallet/Bitcoin address. The most effective way of doing this is using blockchain. info I recommend using the bitcoin core consumer, but this takes some time to sync. Likewise if you wan't to transfer funds straight to you bank account use coinbase. com(I hate these guys).

Step 2

Set up a blog, all you have to do is sign up to a free or paid site where you can embed advertising at.
here is a listing of free ones below. (There's more but i'm lazy)
Once you setup blog just copy/paste a couple posts (To your liking) and your ready for the next measure

Stage 3

Sign up for a CPM Network (Don't forget Bitcoin address)
This kind of is for bitcoin so go with
(They accept the kind of traffic im sending. )
Nevertheless this is a set of other (untested) sites below.
Step 4

Following signing up for a-ads click earn money then create ad unit.
click a size and type in your website(The blog you made).
(If you haven't already ensure that you duplicate and paste you budget address to get paid. )
Copy you advertisement code and check out step five.

step 5

Advertising the ad code to the blog you created.
Be sure you00 know how to do this its basic HTML.

Stage 6

Bring some traffic.
We are going to do this by using traffic exchange website.
Hint up for the sites below add your site and download auto-surf iphone app so you can earn points.
Hitleap. por
Otohits. net
Hit4Hit. org
Here are some extra sites you can use to scale up.
easyhits4u. com
10khits. junto de
trafficg. com
hit2hit. por
trafficexchangelist. com
hitsafari. junto de
Step w. e
The done!
you are now making money on auto-pilot. Don't forget that some sites you have spend your take into consideration your site.
Use the human brain add a twist and be successful.

Any questions just post below, if the private use skype or PM.
FYI I do not re-read this at all; so, yea read in between the lines.
EDIT: Use VPN (easier to operate 24hrs)