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Before Starting the Social Engineering :
1. Log in to Amazon
2. Click 'Help'
3. Scroll down to 'Need more Help?'
4. Click 'What can we Help you with' and select the Order you want refunded
5. Click Start Chatting.
An Amazon Rep will ask you to confirm the name or Order number and after that you can begin your SEing
1. Say that you opened the Box and it was completely empty except for an Order Invoice
2. If the Rep asks you if the box had been tampered with etc. - Say No.
3. MAKE THE REP FEEL SORRY FOR YOU - say it was a Birthday gift, Anniversary Present; be creative - Express your disappointment.
4.They will offer you a Refund/Replacement; if you want the Balance to your Amazon Gift card Balance - then Specify that you lost your CC and had to get a new one; for this Reason the Rep will transfer the Refunded amount to the Gift Card balance.
Method 2: CALLING
1. Instead of clicking 'Start Chatting'; click 'Call Us' instead
2. You will be Connected to someone from Amazon; you do not need to say anything but listen for their NAME
3. As soon as you have that, Hang up and click 'Start Chatting'
4. Make up a Story: Something like you were just on the phone with an Amazon Rep Called ______ regarding an issue with an order; they agreed to the Refund but the line got disconnected. Emphasise that you would like to resume that conversation and the process of Refund on Chat.
5. Amazon Rep will offer you a Refund/ Replacement
1. Wait ATLEAST 2 weeks in between Refunds
2. Try to switch up accounts between Refunds
3. New accounts should have your Address slightly adjusted; see my other threads for more information on how to avoid Blacklist
4. Don't have too many items on 1 order; its best to have 1 medium/large Parcel rather than Multiple Parcels - Story of DNA is more believable.
5. If an Amazon Rep says they want to Start an Investigation - See my Thread on how to Bypass this. This will cancel the Investigation and you can Start the process over without having the order locked because of the Investigation.
6. Be Confident - When chatting/calling ensure you really get across how angry/upset/disappointed you are; makes the SE more likely to be successful/believable - Don't just use these Methods over and over but create new Scenarios which are less Saturated and more likely to guarantee success.
Good Luck