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Gold Max

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This hack will be very fun to do . You can make your friends call each other,you can listen the conversation also. Why not ? you can make call between your girl friend and her ex boy friend. You can find the secret behind them. Look cool na…

Now Procedure:
Step 1:
Go to PrankDial site which is dedicated to such mobile hacks.

Step 2:
Now, you will get a form . Fill the form with your friends phone no.

Step 3:
Check “Record this conversation” and “I agree to the TOS”. Hit on “Send the call” and your mobile hack will be completed.

click the Send call button

As an example, check out this link where one of the users have implemented and recorded the mobile hack. This recording will be available for 15 days henceforth.

Note: Unfortunately This mobile hack works only in Canada and US.