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How to bypass Rapidshare’s download Limitations | Use like Premium

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One of the famous file sharing site is known as Rapid share. But the bad thing about this rapid share is download limitations. The free user can download only up to some file size and there is time limitations also. Many users will vexed. So here is simple hack ,this will by pass the rapid share’s download limitations. This hack will allow you to download the rapid share’s file as Premium users .

  • Firefox
  • Greasemonkey
  • RS Bundle script
Now let’s go to the procedure to follow:
Step 1:
Run Firefox and install Greasemonkey. Restart Firefox. Unzip the downloaded RS Bundle script.
Step 2:
Now, in Firefox, go to File -> Open File and browse to the unzipped RS Bundle script and hit on “Open”. You will get box like this:

Step 3:
Select any rapidshare link, say try this Rapidshare link. On visiting any rapidshare link, now you will find Rapidshare look changed. You will get a box like this on Rapidshare page:

Step 4:
Don’t change any of the settings and simply hit on Save. Now, follow the regular rapidshare download procedure. Hit on Slower download, wait for certain timer to expire and then hit on “Download” button.
Now you can see your download speed has increased. This Rapid share speed limitation bypass hack works perfectly.
Hurry up! download your favorite softwares or Ebooks right now because this hack will expire in future.

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