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Free Shopping from Amazon - Today we are showing you how to use same exploit and shop anything for free from amazon. Hope using this exploit you will have a wonderful Christmas and purchase some gift for your loved ones for free 🙂

Table of Contents
1. How and why does it work?
3. Things you need:
4. Steps

How and why does it work?
It’s really simple. We will use a Tamper monkey script which automatically works in the background. It changes our browser’s timezone whenever we make a new order on purse. As soon as we get redirected to the payment page, our timezone will change – which will result in our order getting marked as “Expired” on Bitbay’s side (their provider), but NOT on purse’s side. So, if we pay for the products – our order will get processed and delivered by purse anyway, but the money will get INSTANTLY refunded to our wallet by Bitbay. Similar to our previous G2A exploit.

If you are from Europe/Canada/Japan, you will have to do one extra thing (Step 8) in order to add items to your cart (I will give you info).

If you are from the United States, just do everything as I do.

If you have any trouble – please contact me via email, I’ll be happy to help you.

Things you need:

  • Google Chrome browser – You can get it here.
  • Tampermonkey extension – You can get it here. (If the link doesn’t work google for tampermonkey and you will get it)
  • The script to change the timezone. – You can find it here.

Free Shopping from Amazon


1. Add tempermonkey extension to your browser. (link above)
2. Click on Tampermonkey’s icon at the top-right side of browser, and click “Create a new script”

3. Remove any present code so you can have a clean page just like on the screenshot.

4. Copy the timezone changing script and paste it to that page. It should look like this. Note: Delete the extra space in line 10.

5. Go to “File” and click “Save”

6. Go to :Installed userscripts” (at the same page) and check is the script is enabled.

7. Now go to and create a new account or simply log in through Facebook/ Google/ Coinbase (recommended). Note: IF you had already been on the site you should close the tab and open it once again from the link above.
If you are on the site – that’s how you can check if the scripts works or not: There should be ‘1’ icon on red background at extension icon.

8. Search for items that you want to buy, click on them and press “Add to cart” button. (Europe version below screenshot)


If you are from EU/CA/JP, you have to make a “Wish List” on Amazon and import it to the site.

Please follow the following page with instruction:

Or watch this youtube video :

9. I recommend not to change anything at that page, because we want to get our order as soon as possible, and our money will be refunded always, so id doesn’t matter how much do we save. Just click “Continue”

10. Now, fill in all fields in order to add your address and click “Ship to this address”.

11. Make sure that you didn’t make any mistake at your shipping address and once again click “Ship to this address”

12. This is the last time when you can make changes to order, make sure you’ve selected everything and press “Proceed to payment”

13. Now we are redirected to the payment page. Just copy the amount that you have to pay and send Bitcoins to shown BTC address, Nothing to worry about – our money will be returned after a few minutes.

14. After doing that, wait for at least one payment confirmation. If confirmation is done, your page should automatically refresh. You should see a page information you that your order was completed.

15. At the point Bitcoins should be returned to you. Here is the screenshot from my bitcoin.

16. Also let’s take a look at our mailbox.

This method is tested and verified and the exploit is working as the date of publishing this. We have already ordered many goods using this exploit. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and keep supporting Techrim for other awesome posts like this 🙂