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No one talks about this. The only thing i find it difficult to manege to figure away on this website is that nobody, absolutly NOBODY talks about how precisely to pass the verification process.
That you desire a f**king passport/id card if you wanna card from CLOSED CIRCUIT to BTC

Its like a major hush.. around it. The "pros" wont speak about.

Evrybody here is referring to anonymity around and around. yes we (noobs) obtain it its important whit the anonymity bit, but when you have anonymize yourself JUST HOW THE F*CK do you pass the verification process.

The only thread i came across on this is the ones that i me personally wrote, offering money to the bastard that instructs me!

Trust me search verification, its just myself and chantal91 and the girl banned.

Now im still offering a modest amount for the bastard who teaches me how to manege the verification process on sites like coinmama and kraken, whene they look for the Passport amount or ID-Card number this number is a 8-15 long number.