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[HQ] How to create unlimited 30 Day Trial Amazon Prime Accounts for free!

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In this guide I am going to show you how you can create unlimited 30 day trial amazon prime accounts for free. This works 100%, i did it tons of times with and it always worked! It does not work with since you need to add a valid cc that can be charged. But it should work with .it, .es, etc.
I actually could make an E-Book out of this and sell it for some $ but instead i decided to share it to you for free.

So dont't be a fucking Leecher and show some love by upvoting!

1. Go to amazon and register an account with a valid email. You could actually use anything but sometimes amazon asks for a code that they sent to the email you gave them so i don't recommend it.

2. Now go to and choose the region you need. Copy the information from there for your amazon account (address etc.)

3. Now go to Test 30 Day Prime Trial and add a bank Account (NOT CREDIT CARD!)

4. Copy the IBAN and the BIC from fake-it and proceed.

5. Done, now you should have an amazon account with prime.

6. Now go to your Account Settings and quit your Subscription, else Amazon will try to charge the bank account after the 30 days and you will probably get banned or at least get some e-mails about your payment method being declined