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How to get FREE Food on Uber Eats

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Staff member
Whats the method? We are buying food to pay cash but we going to trick the driver that you are paying with the card.

1. First of all download Uber Eats on your device.
(They do ban IP's sometimes so if you are doing this I recommend that you use VPN like NordVPN and android emulator like Bluestacks if your device is banned)

2. Make a new account you can use any details it doesn't matter just skip the adding payment section when making the account if possible. Pick the food you want and Checkout.

3. On Checkout select "cash" option and verify using any Facebook account or credit card without money or with money. you can use a virtual credit card as well.

4. Now when the food arrives you got to be acting good. Tell the driver something like you are pretty sure you selected the card option just convince him that you accidentally chose cash option or whatever and tell him you don't got the cash to pay for it. he will be quite confused but just tell him to add it to your Uber account tab or whatever so that next time you pay for food, you get charged from your account or like to charge you on your Uber account on your card or just tell him to contact Uber and sort it out with them. Tell him something believable and convince him to give you the food and charge you on Uber eats account.

Done!! you just got free food. You will never use that account again and it doesn't matter if they try to charge the account or whatever.

NOTE: This method only works few time as you can't get the same driver twice because then he will know so if you are doing this method multiple times don't do it everyday.