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As i hacker, we need to learn how to change the icon of executable file(exe). So that we can change the icon of virus files while sending to victims. This tutorial will teach you how to change the icon of exe file.

1. Goto www.shelllabs.com and download the trial version of Icon Changer and install it (Works on both XP and Vista).
2. Right-click on the exe file whose ICON is to be changed.
3. Now you will see the option Change Icon. Click on that option.
4. Now the Icon Changer program will open up.

5. Icon changer will search for all the ICONS on your system so that you can select any one of those.
6. Now select the ICON of your choice and click on SET.
7. Now a popup window will appear and ask you to select from either of these two options.

  • Change embeded icon.
  • Adjust Windows to display custom icon.
Select the first option (Change embeded icon).
8. You are done. The ICON get’s changed.

Having doubts just comment here..