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If you like to hack your friend your system , then you should know first his IP address. There are several methods to get ip address of them. But this is simple to implement it.
In this process you need to make your friend to click the link which you send him. When he click the link ,it will automatically send info about IP address,location,Host Name,operating system to your mail id.
You can make the url to redirect to another page so that your friend won’t doubt on you after he click the link.
Go to http://www.shivampatel.net/trace/
Register with your mail id and give to which page you want to redirect.
After register they will send you the link like this:
Now open your mail copy that link.
Compose Mail.
copy the link in textarea.
Bring mouse over the link
click the “change”.
Change the display name of the link with attractive name so that you can make your friend click.

add your own ideas to attract your friend such that he will click the link.