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Create a virus program to disable the USB ports in C program

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All budding hackers eager to learn how to create a virus . Here is simple tutorial which will make a virus in c program(no need to worry ,if you don’t know about c program because coding is here for you).
Steps to follow:
1. Download the source files from here:
2. Extract the zip file
It contains the following 2 files.

  • block_usb.c (source code)
  • unblock_usb.c (source code)
3.Copy the file to folder “c:tcbin” (if you don’t have folder, means you didn’t install c compiler. so read this tutorial to install and compile
4. Open the Turbo c compiler
5. Open the Two files in turbo c compiler
6. compile it(alt+f9)
7. press f9 for creating exe file(don’t press ctrl+f9 ,it will run the program)
8. Now go to folder C:Tcbin
9. There you can find two exe files namely block_usb.exe ,unblock_usb.exe
10. Now run the block_usb.exe file(just double click the exe file) . insert your pen drive , it is undetectable.
11. Now run the unblock_usb.exe file(just double click the exe file) . Now your pen drive will be detected.
The first blcok_usb program will disable the the USB port.
The unblock_usb program will make it enable
You can send this file to your friend also. Icon of exe file is look like cmd icon. So need to change it.
so Read
How to change the icon of exe file.


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Thank you.

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