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Crack Spotify Premium Accounts (Easy Method/ Working 14/7/2023)

Gold Max

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1: You first need the Cracker
2: After you download the program, run it, it'll look like this:


3: You need a combo, which needs to be EMAIL:pASSWORD, you can found them in the combo section.

4: After you download the Combolist, add it on the Spotify Cracker, you proceed to click in "Combolist", and find the one you've downloaded, then click in "Open".


5: In "Threads" section, there will be only "1" by default, change it to '10', and then click on Start.
6: After the process is completed (it may take hours depending on the combo size you use), it'll look like this:


7: The Accounts will appear and their passwords too (It depends on the Combolist, not every combo has great hits, so you need to try, i've tried with a combolist that i knew it has Premium accounts, you need patience).

8: After the process it's completed and you got Premium Hits, click on Save Hits, and save them wherever you want.


9: Open the hits document, and check accounts. In the text document, will look something like this.


RED: Email
Blue: Password (thanks captain obvious).
You will need them to log-in on Spotify.

10: Now, proceed to check the account


That's All.
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