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Billing address -> the card owner address

Drop -> innerman. His task is to receive the money or goods and, accordingly, to give the part of the earnings to you.

Biling -> office, which has agreement with a bank. Also this office assumes payments for the cards.

Card bill -> it’s a Bank emitent card bill.

Bank-equirer -> bank, in which the store opens the account.

Merchant account -> bank account for accepting credit cards.

Merchant Bank -> bank, through which occur the payments between the buyer and the salesman (frequently it is used as synonym “bank-equirer”).

Cardholder -> owner of the card.

Validity -> suitability card using.

White plastic -> a piece of the pure plastic, where the information is plot.

CR-80 -> rectangular piece of pure white plastic (without the drawing image) with the size of a credit card with the magnetic strip.

Transaction -> charege to the credit card

POS terminal (Point Of Sale terminal) -> reading card device, which stands at commercial point.

PIN-code -> the sequence, which consists of 4-12 numbers. It is known only to the owner of card. By simple words password for the work with ATM and so on.

AVS -> the card owner address checking. It is used for the confirmation of the card belonging exactly to its holder.

“Globe” -> card holographic gluing with the image of two hemispheres (MasterCard).

Pigeon (hen) -> card holographic gluing with the image of the flying pigeon (VISA).

Reader -> information reading device for the readout from the magnetic strip of card.

Encoder -> read/write device for the magnetic track of the card.

Embosser -> card symbol extrusion device.

Card printer -> card information printing device. -> card validity period.

Area code -> the first of 3 or 6 numbers of the card owner phone.

CVV2, cvv, cvn -> 3 or 4 additional numbers, which stand at the end of the number of card.

ePlus -> program for checking the cards.

BIN -> first 6 numbers of the card number due to those it is possible to learn what bank issued out the card and what is the type of this card (ATM-card, credit, gold, etc.). Synonym of word “Prefix”.

Chargeback -> the cardholder’s bank voids the removal of money from its card.

Dump -> information, which is written to the magnetic strip of the card, it consists of 1,2 or 3 tracks.

Track (road) -> a part of the dump with the specific information. Every 1-st track is the information about the owner of the card, 2-nd track -> information about the owner of card, about the bank issued the card, etc. 3-rd track -> it is possible to say -> spare, it is used by stores for the addition of the points and other.

Slip -> synonym to the word “cheque” (conformably to card settlings).

Card balance -> money sum that finding on the card account.
MMN Mothers Maiden Name, important if you want to change the billing address

Parking (parked) -> Installing device

Lips -> Reader

Jacket (dress jacket) -> Installing reader on ATM

Trousers -> Pinpad

Dress trousers -> Installing pinpad on ATM

Ironing jacket -> Charging battery of reader

Ironing trousers-Charging battery of pinpad

Cover -> Big panel, on which pinpad placing

Piece of iron , box, parking -> ATM

Stuff -> Cards or tracks

Second step -> Cashing

Institute -> Bank (like Finance institute)

Observer -> Person, who take care of all working

Fitter -> Person, who install and take off device

Inhabitant -> Cardholders

Side-show -> Time of device working (ex: today a lot of inhabitant on side-show)

Sofa -> Model of ATM

Citroen -> Model of ATM

Flat -> Model of ATM

Toothed -> Model of ATM

Disco -> Model of ATM

Tourists -> Group of workers who must install device

Chief -> Head of group