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Gold Max

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1 . A CC with full billing information
[Make sure its a nice bin (BIZ,CORP,GOLD,PLAT)]

2 . Socks5 Proxy matching CC City + State
[If you don't know what Socks5 Proxy do then Google for it

3 . A freshly made Email with CC Owners name in it.
[Example if CC owner name is John Doe - choose smth like [email protected]]

Step 1 :

Go To The Amazon Website Create An Account Using The "CC" Billing Information And The Fresh E-mail You Created. Make Sure You Create The Account Thru The Socks5 Proxy.

Step 2 :

Once You Have Created Your Amazon Account It's Time To Make The Account Look Like If It Was Made By A Legit Buyer. Over The Last Few Years Amazon Has Been Getting Harder & Harder To Card They Review Each Account When They Place There 1ST Order Therefore Add Something To Your Cart
(Anything Below $100.00USD) Once You Have A Item Under $100.00USD In Cart Sign Out Don't Card It Yet. Wait 5 Hours Before Signing Back In! When You Sign Back In Make Sure Your On Socks5 Matching CC BILLING CITY+STATE. Once Your Logged In Check Out. If The CC You Used Is Good It Will Ship Once It Ships Your Ready To Move To Step 3.

Step 3 :

Once You Get A Tracking Number For You Item You Carded Under 100.00USD. Your Account Has Been Reviewed Now You Can Card Anything From 500-800 Without Any Problem. Enjoy