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    How To Get PayPal Verified

    Guide: 1) Go to ETRADE. 2) Click on OPEN AN ACCOUNT. 3) Click "APPLY NOW" on "E*TRADE Complete Investment Account". 4) Now you should fill in data. Try not to place in your genuine information. Utilize Fake Name Generator (IMPORTANT: Get a personality from the US)! Likewise utilize an email...
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    How to Cash out with CC and Fullz

    This isn’t easy to cash out from cc without fullz. If you are planning to cash out then you must have fullz in order to cash out from that cc easily. Well i was not say easily because it’s not as easy as you think, you need to work harder to get cash but you will get success surely. Not...
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    1000 Accounts Netflix Capture All Details

    1000 Accounts Netflix Capture All Details - Share Text & Images the Easy Way
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    Chile Mastercard Credit Black

    5218921008334850|06|26|504|Pablo Fuentes|SANTIAGO (Irarrazaval 2150)|Ñuñoa|XIII - Región Metropolitade Santiago|998747090|
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    Mexico Visa Credit Platinum

    4772143017486289|03/26|404|tadeo sandoval|las fuentes, avenida laureles , #52|hermosillo|Sonora|83240|6232389926|
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    How to Cheat Antifraud

    Introduction: Imagine some Michael from the USA who wants to pay himself an iPhone. He enters the shop, sees the payment through the PP, regains the account and pays. Michael doesn’t track his self-registration, doesn’t hesitate to buy tea and other goods, he enters and pays. Michael does not...
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    Creating WordPress Phishing Pages

    Hi welcome back today I will show you how to create WordPress phishing pages. Phishing is the practice of sending emails or fake pages in order to trick targets into unknowingly giving personal information such as passwords and credit and debit card numbers. Phishing attacks are a Social...
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    Information / Intelligence Gathering.

    Information / Intelligence Gathering. This post is going to be about information gathering. Its one of the important things. You want to know what you are going up against. Information about location, building, and etc... Google Maps and Google streets.(1) Local government office might have...
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    Carding Authorization [Tutorial]

    Carding Authorization [Tutorial] Hi friends, How are u today ? Hope ur all fine & happy. Alright, I would like to share little tips on how to card something so that u can do it successfully. Well, our hope is the item u carded can be delivered to ur drop address "safely" (from ur point of...
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    Amazon Social Engineering Trick!

    1.Choose something you want to buy something from Amazon. Let's say you want a digital camera, add one to your cart. 2. Now, when you have selected whatever you want (I recommend 1 to 3 items) go and search for ink or nail polish. 3. Now, add the ink or nail polish into your cart. 4. Now, you...
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    Fresh kill fast

    4544752081509797 01/23 602 FILIPE COSTA Portugal, Sandim , 4415-834
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    Getting Remote Shell

    Java Deserialization Exploit is a tool that allows you to get a remote shell on vulnerable Linux machines. It exploits a Java deserialization vulnerability using the Metasploit framework to generate a malicious file and an embedded web server to transfer payloads to the victim side. The...
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    iFi-Pumpkin is a very complete framework for auditing Wi-Fi security. The main feature is the ability to create a fake AP and make Man In The Middle attack, but the list of features is quite broad. DOWNLOAD WIFI-PUMPKIN Installation Python 2.7 Code: or download .deb file to install Code...
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    Learning Kali Linux

    The contributor(s) cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the data. This repository is just a collection of URLs to download eBooks for free. Download the eBooks at your own risks. DMCA take down cannot be possible as we are not republishing the books/infringement of code, but we are just...
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    Captain brute is a all in one hacking tool by John Modica CybernetiX-S3C it writing in bash with wide range of tools like phishing attacks ddos information gathering and much more To download open terminal and type git clone or...
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    Top Tools for Termux

    There a lot hype about Termux in the hacking world so i though was only fair to add a post on the top tools to install on termux So that is termux? Termux turns a Android device into a lightweight and versatile Linux environment. … The app requires no root privileges, and the dedicated...
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    A Node.js package for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) security assessment using Man-in-the-Middle and other attacks. Install Usage Configure Running both components Set up variables in config.env: NOBLE_HCI_DEVICE_ID : noble (“central”, ws-slave) device BLENO_HCI_DEVICE_ID : bleno...
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    Scan Google (or other) search results for vulnerabilities. dorkbot is a modular command-line tool for performing vulnerability scans against sets of webpages returned by Google search queries or other supported sources. It is broken up into two sets of modules: Indexers - modules that return a...
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    OWASP Passfault

    OWASP Passfault evaluates passwords and enforces password policy in a completely different way. Running the Command-line Interface: install java 8 jdk cd core ../gradlew installDist run build/install/core/bin/core Running the jsonWebService: cd jsonService...