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  1. Gold Max

    #COVID19 Researchers Lose a Week's Work to Ryuk Ransomware

    An organization involved in COVID-19 research lost a week’s worth of critical data after a Ryuk attack which used a stolen password, according to Sophos. Cybersecurity vendor Sophos revealed the case yesterday as a cautionary tale of what can happen when organizations don’t follow security...
  2. Gold Max

    Lawsuit Filed Over Contact Tracing Data Breach

    A federal lawsuit has been filed against Pennsylvania and a vendor contracted by the state's Department of Health (DOH) over a data breach that exposed the personal health information (PHI) of thousands of Pennsylvanians. The DOH hired Atlanta-based company Insight Global in 2020 "to provide...
  3. Gold Max

    Malicious UK Website Takedowns Surge 15-Fold in 2020

    The UK authorities took down over 700,000 malicious and phishing sites last year, a huge increase from 2019, according to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The GCHQ body revealed the figures in its annual Active Cyber Defence (ACD) report. ACD is the NCSC’s four-year-old strategy to...
  4. Gold Max

    Полный список БЕСПЛАТНЫХ личных и публичных виртуальных номеров

    Часто бывает что нужно принять смс или получить номер, теперь вы узнаете как это делать бесплатно! Бесплатный личный номер для приема СМС 1. Twilio.com 2. Textnow.com 3. Countrycode.org 4. Wp.pinger.com 5. Textmagic.com 6. Esendex.co.uk — (Легко получить пробный период использования...
  5. Gold Max

    How to get free Wi-Fi in your city?

    In this article, I would like to tell you how you can get a map of your city with WiFi points marked on it. Moreover, for each such point, connection data will be available. This manual is working, the main thing is to do everything right.👇🏻 Let's get started: We will need: IP ranges of your...
  6. Gold Max

    How to get DSTV Premium for Free

    (Use Instructions at your own Risk if you get arrest you don't know me) > STEP 1 (Going to networks) Press menu button on your remote Goto Advanced Option Choose Dish Installation Enter Pin 9949 > Step 2 (Home network) On Home network press OK Change LNB HI Frequency to 10600 Scroll down...
  7. Gold Max


    [email protected] | danai1996 | Male | DOB: 5/7/1956 | Age: 62 | Sebring, FL | You have 0 Tokens | Free Account | 33870 | No Card [email protected] | cedar98 | Male | DOB: 2/26/1966 | Age: 52 | Coeur d'Alene, ID | You have 0 Tokens | Free Account | 83815 | No Card...
  8. Gold Max

    🔰Disney+ Premium Accounts🔰

    [email protected]:As09354190 [email protected]:B124610w [email protected]:rodawal3 [email protected]:BSHSanp8470 [email protected]:hugirl2017 [email protected]:Liberty1 adeschuit[email protected]:DeSchuiteneer1 [email protected]:trinity2012...
  9. Gold Max

    Researcher Claims Peloton APIs Exposed All Users Data

    A security researcher has discovered several issues with the software used by exercise equipment maker Peloton, which may have leaked sensitive customer information to unauthenticated users. Pen Test Partners explained in a new blog post that the problem could be traced back to unauthenticated...
  10. Gold Max

    DOD Expands Hacker Program

    The United States Department of Defense (DOD) has expanded its ethical hacking program to include more targets. DoD officials announced yesterday that the Department's Vulnerability Disclosure Program will be broadened to include all publicly accessible DOD information systems. Bug hunters...
  11. Gold Max

    Misconfigured Database Exposes 200K Fake Amazon Reviewers

    A misconfigured database has exposed what appears to be a major coordinated scheme by Amazon vendors to procure fake reviews for their products. At team at AV reviews site SafetyDetectives found the China-based Elasticsearch server exposed online without any password protection or encryption...
  12. Gold Max

    NCSC Sets Out Security Principles for Smart Cities

    The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published a set of security principles to underpin the development of so-called smart cities. Titled Connected Places Cyber Security Principles, the guidance aims to help local authorities in the UK embrace the benefits of connected places...
  13. Gold Max

    Half of UK Manufacturers Suffered a Cyber-Attack Last Year

    Half of British manufacturers and even more in the automotive sector suffered a successful cyber-attack last year, but cost remains a major barrier to improvements, according to an industry body. Make UK, which represents the sector, claimed that the 47% figure overall rose to 62% for...
  14. Gold Max


    1) Go on Amazon And Choose The Steam Card You Want. 2) Go To Fake Amazon Receipt Generator and Fill The Details. Then Take Screenshot. 3) Get The Picture of The Back of a Steam Card and Edit it so Its a Different Code. 4) Contact Steam Support By Email and Tell Them That you Bought a $100...
  15. Gold Max


    This isn’t really a carding method it’s just a trick that works in the uk I don’t know if it works in the USA. 1.Download the McDonald’s app Sign up with an email (I found gmail easier because it automatically signs you in) Wait around 5 mins Go to deals and you’ll see a free cheeseburger...
  16. Gold Max


    Method to Get Free cPanel
  17. TOKYO

    How to Hack Wi-Fi (WEP)

    Tools Required: CommView for WiFi: http://tamos.com/download/main/ca.php Aircarck-NG GUI: http://aircrack-ng.org/ Install CommView. While installation you maybe asked whether you want to install the application in VoIP mode or Standard mode. Both mode will work fine for our case. But I usually...
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    🔰Chegg Study/Tutors Premium Accounts From Crdcrew.cc🔰

    Use USA IP With Incognito Mode To Avoid OTP. [email protected]:celeste03A | Payment type = VISA | sub = CHEGG_STUDY [email protected]:Nicole99 | Payment type = VISA | sub = BUNDLE_STUDY_PACK [email protected]:Sabgokull1 | Payment type = VISA | sub = CHEGG_STUDY | tutor time remaining...
  19. Gold Max

    Free VPN tutorial From Crdcrew.cc

    Nord VPN tutorial Step 1: Go tohttps://free.nordvpn.com Use any of the following tempmail providers: https://www.mohmal.com/en https://www.temp-mails.com/Email https://www.emailondeck.com Step 2: Copy an email from any of the above providers Step 3: Insert the email. Step 4: Click on...
  20. Gold Max

    Poor Working Relationships Between Security and Networking Teams Preventing Benefits of Digital Transformation

    Organizations’ digital transformation projects are being held back through lack of collaboration between security and networking teams, according to a new study by Netskope. The survey of IT professionals in the UK, France, and Germany, undertaken by Censuswide on behalf of the cloud security...