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    Hacking With Cromos

    Cromos is a utility for modifying Chrome extensions and embedding your code in them. Allows you to create your own executable files and place files in Dropbox. Thus, we can embed our code in any extension that is in Google. How can this be used? We can take any extension that is in public, we...
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    Music Instruments And DJ Equipment Cardable Site

    Methid: Bill=Ship method for expensive dj equipments and instruments, Has lights and stuff too! Proof: https://ibb.co/3CGQmPC Site: Fullcompass.com
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    virtual Carding XBOX / PSN / Steam wallet and more

    now step 1 : look for potential buyer ask them what payment method they can do ? if they say paypal btc or any . tell them hmm i don't have those payment method ,can you buy me something online for 5$ ? if they agree. tell then you need him to buy you something in offgamers so ask them from what...
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    The LAZY Script

    This script will make your life easier, and of course faster. Its not only for noobs.Its for whoever wants to type less and do actually more. What is this This is a script that automates many procedures about WiFi penetration and hacking. I actually made it for fun for me just to save some...
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    Web Attack Vector

    This attack vector provides us with more interesting, sophisticated and diverse ways of attacking users than the first. Speaking about the way through the web, you can select a common feature (with the only exception) that goes through attacks of this type - using a fake web page on an...
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    Finding WPS enabled AP’s

    Welcome back today I will be showing you how to find if a nearby router is WPS enabled in Kali Linux using Wash. A lot of modern routers support Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) and it’s quite often enabled by default by the router manufacturer or ISP. First of all we will need to put our Wireless...
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    Slowloris Layer 7 DDOS Attack

    Slow Loris is Layer 7 Application (Protocol Attack) it was developed by Robert “RSnake” Hansen don’t be fooled by its power even a single computer could have the ability to take down a full web server single handedly Slowloris is a simple and powerful /DDOS attack it is also known as a...
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    2022 PayPal Business Account Carding with INVOICES Overview Before Method Details: You will be creating a PayPal Business account for you or a random person‘s fullz (name, ssn, dob, etc). You will create an invoice and send to your drop email. Card the invoice Enjoy the funds IF YOU ALREADY...
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    FREE CARDING CONTENT ENJOY Easily cardable websites (Over 10000 links): https://mega.nz/#F!pDBhVLxY!XgDB8UoRPNRbNAh5C0J54A MEGA Hack package (Everything you need to become a PRO hacker): https://mega.nz/#F!dK5U3YoB!Y4ojZE9Hkey93ibu9BlF4w Celebs (The Fappening) Nude celebs pictures & videos...
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    Hacking WordPress WebSite

    Welcome back today we will talk about how we could compromise a WordPress website for a reverse meterpreter shell though use of malicious WordPress addons. This will allow us to create a malicious WordPress plugin to use as a payload and achieve a reverse shell back to the attacking machine...
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    Docker TOR Hidden Service

    Docker TOR Hidden Service - Easily Setup A Hidden Service Inside The Tor Network Easily run a hidden service inside the Tor network with this container Generate the skeleton configuration for you hidden service, replace for your hidden service pattern name. Example, if you want to your hidden...
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    BackdoorMan is a toolkit that helps you find malicious, hidden and suspicious PHP scripts and shells in a chosen destination. Description A Python open source toolkit that helps you find malicious, hidden and suspicious PHP scripts and shells in a chosen destination, it automates the process...
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    How to get free VPS for free

    Yo :D So here's some website that you can get a VPS for free ;) https://x10hosting.com/ https://www.accuwebhosting.com/vps-hosting/windows/free-vps ( you don't need a credit card for this one ) Free VPS | Free Virtual Private Server - GigaRocket Our free Linux virtual private servers (VPS)...
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    1) First of all you login the pre-loaded card, click on the immediate store and you will see the record and routine number of the pre-loaded card, record it some place safe 2) Get a Huntington bank login with Email access 3) Login the Huntington bank log , head over to the bill-installment...
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    How to Cash out with CC and Fullz

    This isn’t easy to cash out from cc without fullz. If you are planning to cash out then you must have fullz in order to cash out from that cc easily. Well i was not say easily because it’s not as easy as you think, you need to work harder to get cash but you will get success surely. Not...
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    1000 Accounts Netflix Capture All Details

    1000 Accounts Netflix Capture All Details https://pastehub.net/fb32cb8b02b JustPaste.it - Share Text & Images the Easy Way
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    Uk Master Credit Standard!

    5286895559223828|532|0124|Jim SCOTT|11, RICHMOND COURT SCOTT|Wisbech|Cambridgeshire|PE13 1LR|GB|7887903099|[email protected]
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    Mexico Visa Credit Platinum

    4772143017486289|03/26|404|tadeo sandoval|las fuentes, avenida laureles , #52|hermosillo|Sonora|83240|6232389926|
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    How to Cheat Antifraud

    Introduction: Imagine some Michael from the USA who wants to pay himself an iPhone. He enters the shop, sees the payment through the PP, regains the account and pays. Michael doesn’t track his self-registration, doesn’t hesitate to buy tea and other goods, he enters and pays. Michael does not...
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    BabySploit - BabySplot Beginner Pentesting Framework

    Tested on Kali Linux. Should work with all Debian based distros (and other ones if you have the right packages installed) BabySploit is a penetration testing framework aimed at making it easy to learn how to use bigger, more complicated frameworks like Metasploit. With a very easy to use UI and...