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  1. TOKYO

    US Payroll Agency Targeted in Separate SolarWinds Attack - Report

    Suspected Chinese state-backed threat actors exploited a SolarWinds Orion bug to compromise a US government payroll agency, a new report has claimed. The campaign took place last year and was separate to the successful Russian cyber-espionage plot to spy on multiple government departments, five...
  2. TOKYO

    Delivery Biz Exposes 400 Million Records Via Cloud Bug

    A popular south Asian delivery company exposed 400 million records containing customers’ personal information via a vulnerable cloud server, according to researchers. A team from reviews site Safety Detectives found the bug during a simple IP address check on specific ports. It claimed the...
  3. TOKYO

    Interpol has put on the wanted list of former Wirecard director Jan Marsalek

    Former COO of the German fintech startup and payment card issuer Wirecard Jan Marsalek has been put on the international wanted list. Information about this is posted on the Interpol website. A request for his search and arrest for extradition will be received by law enforcement agencies around...
  4. TOKYO

    43 users of illegal forum detained in Germany

    The operation was attended by more than 1.4 thousand law enforcement officers. During an international operation, German law enforcement officers arrested 32 people and detained 11 more, allegedly users of an illegal online platform. The operation was attended by more than 1.4 thousand...
  5. TOKYO

    Security Biggest Barrier to Cloud Adoption for Over Half of UK Firms

    Over half (58%) of UK businesses have cited security concerns as the biggest barrier to public cloud adoption, according to a new study from Centrify. The survey of 200 business decision makers in large and medium-sized enterprises in the UK also found that over a third (35%) who have adopted...
  6. TOKYO

    Health Insurer Fined $5.1m Over Data Breach

    An American health insurer has agreed to pay $5.1m to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to settle potential violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules. The agreement entered...
  7. TOKYO

    Facebook Sues Devs of Alleged Data-Scraping Chrome Extensions

    Facebook is suing two European developers for allegedly violating its terms of service by scraping user data. Legal action has been filed in Portugal by Facebook and Facebook Ireland against two individuals working for application/extension development company Oink and Stuff. The firm claims...
  8. TOKYO

    Capcom Data Breach May Have Impacted Extra 40,000 Customers

    Gaming company Capcom has discovered that the number of customers whose data may have been compromised following a recent cyber-attack is much higher than previously thought. The Osaka-headquartered company became the victim of a ransomware attack in the beginning of November last year. On...
  9. TOKYO


    1.) Open GoogleChrome and access 3.) Click one of many seach results if there are more than one result (oftenly the newest) In this case i chose the newest. "Visual Studio 2012" Then it will appear like this What the hell? There is a survey? The survey must be have to use some money to...
  10. TOKYO

    Twitter Cites Capitol Protests in Suspension of 70,000 User Accounts

    Social media company Twitter has cited the recent protests at the United States' Capitol building in its decision to permanently suspend tens of thousands of user accounts. On January 6, protestors forced their way into the Capitol building, interrupting a Joint Session of Congress in which the...
  11. TOKYO

    CEO Refutes Reports of Involvement in SolarWinds Campaign

    The Russian CEO of a software provider has hit back at reports that one of the firm’s products may have been exploited by Russian hackers in the recent SolarWinds campaign. Czech-headquartered JetBrains provides tools for software developers including TeamCity, a continuous integration and...
  12. TOKYO

    Army Reserve Gets First Cyber General

    The United States Army has promoted the first Army Reserve cyber officer to the rank of brigadier general. Colonel Robert Powell Jr. was promoted in a December ceremony held at Signal Theater at Fort Gordon in Georgia. Having pinned the one-star rank to his Army Green Service Uniform, Powell...
  13. TOKYO

    Seth - Perform A MitM Attack And Extract Clear Text Credentials From RDP Connections

    Seth is a tool written in Python and Bash to MitM RDP connections by attempting to downgrade the connection in order to extract clear text credentials. It was developed to raise awareness and educate about the importance of properly configured RDP connections in the context of pentests...
  14. TOKYO


    If we start encrypting keystrokes of a keyboard the value that keylogger will record is different from the actual value, that means they would only record random characters. We will be using Keyscrambler software to encrypt our keyboard. So have a look on simple steps below to implement this in...
  15. TOKYO


    COMPLETE JAVA MASTERCLASS 9.0GB Udemy Link https://www.udemy.com/java-the-complete-java-developer-course/.
  16. TOKYO


    Slow Loris is Layer 7 Application (Protocol Attack) it was developed by Robert “RSnake” Hansen don’t be fooled by its power even a single computer could have the ability to take down a full web server single handedly Slowloris is a simple and powerful /DDOS attack it is also known as a...
  17. Gold Max


    BANK OF AMERICA WITH FULLZ Online ID: Humblar888 Passcode: [email protected] Account Open In: ID ATM/CheckCard PIN: 3690 Card and Other Accounts CCNo: 5815409963210070 ExpDate: 10/23 Cvv: 550 Account No: 02460371 Routing No: 030310991 Billing Address FullName: chewy backa Address : 17 blitz drive City...
  18. Gold Max

    Fresh kill fast

    4544752081509797 01/23 602 FILIPE COSTA Portugal, Sandim , 4415-834
  19. Gold Max

    Websploit Directory Scanner

    In the next few tutorials I will explain how to use the different Websploit modules. WebSploit is an open source project for web application assessments. In this tutorial we will be using the websploit directory scanner module and we will add some custom directories. Websploit directory scanner...
  20. Gold Max


    iFi-Pumpkin is a very complete framework for auditing Wi-Fi security. The main feature is the ability to create a fake AP and make Man In The Middle attack, but the list of features is quite broad. DOWNLOAD WIFI-PUMPKIN Installation Python 2.7 Code: or download .deb file to install Code...