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    As I worked with adult-affiliate

    Having saved unreasonable efforts the first 90$ I began to think where them to attach that that that to have still. As in stuff carding I at that point in time very badly thought, and to climb where that with such small money and a minimum of knowledge would be silly. My choice has fallen on...
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    Finding bins without 3D-secure

    Theres a bunch of websites on internet which have 3D Secure capability. There are bins that do not have the 3D Secure or MCSC, and sometimes you are forced to pick those kinds of bins because you just can't find any information you need on the internet. I will tell you now how to find those...
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    Basic Phishing tutorial

    Today I will write for something very powerful in hacking phishing this is the one of the most illegal techniques in hacking. !I'm not responsible for your actions I write this for education purpose only if you get in to trouble I'm not responsible! Phishing is highly illegal so if you are new...
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    Use Original Domain Address for Phishing Web page

    Hi friends , you may have known about how to create phishing web Page. If you don’t know about Phishing Web Page, you need to read this tutorials first: Different Types of Email account How To Create fake or phishing web page Once you know the basics of Phishing web Page ,come to this...
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    Break the Database of Website using SQL Injection

    In this tutorial i am going to guide how to hack the website database using SQL injection. First of all you need to understand what is sql injection, so kindly read this tutorial How to Break the Database: Step 1 : First we need to check whether website is vulnerable or not( i meant hackable...
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    Apple iTunes code + serial

    Code: XF4T25FDRNLNQ68Q Serial Number: GCA2091351650265
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    Fresh netflix standard [no locked accounts]

    [email protected]:Nashville123 [email protected]:loveme4ever [email protected]:collier [email protected]:gisell123 [email protected]:paulac21 [email protected]:a3f6at7t [email protected]:amsterdam2013 [email protected]:magica1971...
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    QRLJacker is a highly customizable exploitation framework to demonstrate "QRLJacking Attack Vector" to show how it is easy to hijack services that depend on the QR Code as an authentication and login method, Mainly it aims to raise security awareness regarding all the services using the QR Code...
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    How To Hack Facebook Fan Pages and Earn Money

    Step 1 - Setup Your Keylogger Or Stealer Step 2 - Save Your Server name as Facebook Likes Increaser/Facebook Tagging/Facebook Pages/FanPage Promotor Step 3 - Upload Your Server Via FTP And Get The Link Some Link like www.yourhost.com/xxxxxx Step 4 - Go To www.Tinyurl.com And make your server...
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    3 Steps GMail MITM Hacking Using Bettercap

    Computer security is improving and getting tough day by days, but most of technology leave the users behind about the importance of awareness of the user itself. According to the website bettercap.org this tool is a powerful, flexible and portable tool created to perform various types of MITM...
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    Guest Blogging in Break The Security

    <i>Now you can do guest blogging in my website also. </i> Guest blogging is posting article in some other blogs or sites and getting back link for your blog. By doing this you can get more traffic to your blog also. <a...
  12. Gold Max

    How to add special symbols in orkut scrap book?

    For adding the special key, Press alt key and type the associated number with symbols in following table(type the number in numper pad) Key Symbol alt + 987 █ alt + 1 ☺ alt + 2 ☻ alt + 3 ♥ alt + 4 ♦ alt + 5 ♣ alt + 6 ♠ alt + 7 • alt + 8 ◘ alt + 9 ○ alt + 0178 ² alt +...
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    Always use RDP, SOCKS or VIP72 client or Proxifier on RDP. On Windows: Delete your DNS Cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /flushdns Release your cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /release Renew your IPV4 or cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /renew Method #1: Step 1: First go to...
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    How to Remove Recycle bin icon from Desktop

    If you like to delete your recycle bin and make your desktop clean,then this trick will help you. Goto Start->Run Type as “regedit” and hit enter. Go to this path ” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerBitBucket” Right click on the folder and select new Then select...
  15. Gold Max

    How to Hack Wi-Fi (WEP) – II

    For this tutorial you need external WiFi adapter or have Kali installed in your Hard Drive, not a virtual machine. Otherwise, look for the method using normal windows OS in the intermediate section Start up Kali, Login and then follow the below steps Step 1: Open console and type the following...
  16. Gold Max

    Worldwide cardable sites

    There are a lot of requests for Worldwide cardable sites with carding method 2022. We are sharing huge collection of websites which can be carded easily without too much security. On internet, there are thousands of shopping sites are available to card but not all of them accept international...
  17. Gold Max

    A simple trick provided by gmail to know whether your gmail hacked or not

    Hi friends, today i am going to give small information about Gmail. I do not know whether you know this or not. But it’s my service to provide you the hacking and security details. Have you ever see the bottom of the gmail page? Hey wait, after reading this article go and visit. Now go ahead...
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    Small fun with Notepad |caps Lock Trick

    What fun are we going to make with notepad? Below you can find the Visual Basic Script code. This code make the caps lock light blink continuously. If you run this script twice the rate of blink increases and alternatively NumLock light start to blink with CapsLock. VBS CODE: Set wshShell...
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    A simple batch program for Port Scanning

    Hi friends in this post we are going to see how to create Batch programming for port scanning. Open Notepad Paste this code: @ECHO off color 0a cd C: cls for /L %%v in (1,1,11) do telnet %1 %%v GOTO scan2 :scan2 for /L %%w in (12,1,20) do telnet %1 %%w Save it with .bat extension(for eg...
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    Temporary Disposable Email address Services

    While signing up to an online account or doing such stuff on web, you can use these temporary disposable email addresses provided by email services. This keeps your real email address protected from spam. These services provide you with email addresses of the format you desire. Temporary email...