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Unicornscan is an offbeat organization boost conveyance/reaction recording device. Meaning it conveys broken/sloppy/divided bundles (without a standard example not at all like other port checking instruments) to a host and sits tight for the objective's reaction.

Subsequent to getting the reaction the TTL esteem is determined for each port and consequently distinguishing the working framework. For eg, if the ttl=128, the working framework is Windows, etc.

Pentesters utilize this instrument when customary port examining doesn't function as the objective would have empowered port checking recognition or has empowered IDS/IPS or honeypots. One cool component of unicornscan is that it utilizes various strings to convey bundles and to get them, in contrast to other port scanners.

Lab 1: Sweep a host for administrations and OS(TTL)

In this lab, we examine a host with IP address for open ports. Likewise thusly, we get the TTL benefit of relating ports and subsequently we can distinguish the working framework

Order: unicornscan - Iv

Lab 2: Play out a TCP SYN Sweep on an entire organization

In this lab, we play out a TCP syn examine on an entire organization scope of Thusly we have different advantages. Every one of the live has will be noticeable to us alongside the administrations/ports open and TTL values.

Covertness syn check is a technique by which parcels with syn banners are shipped off a port of an objective host. In the event that the port is open, the answer from the objective will be a bundle with SYN/ACK banner else a parcel with RST banner. Hence the aggressor can recognize what all administrations are running on the objective host.

Order : unicornscan - msf - v - I

Lab 3: Play out a UDP check all in all organization

In this lab, we play out a UDP examine on an entire organization scope of Thusly we get to realize all UDP administrations running on an organization.

Order: unicornscan - mU - v - I

While performing checks with unicornscan, turn ON Wireshark likewise to see the bundles going out. You can see the example which unicornscan conveys. Attempt it and Offer this instructional exercise.