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Confirmed Ach Tutorials (follow This Method And You Will Cashout)

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What you need
1. Drop Account (where you will send the money to)
2. Bank logs(Eg. Chase, Suntrust,etc)
3. RDP or socks with the same address as your drop account( Most banks check for this and some do not. So to be on the safer side it is better to log in close to the drop account)

For a more sucessful ACH tranfer your log account must have huge balance,this way the account holder may not keep track of the spendings on the account and you can cashout many times before it backfires.

1.Login your log with financial management sites like,,
I listen this sites because they to not trigger and request for security code when you are adding your logs to the website. Remember this is where you will get your trial deposit.
2. Login your drop account
3. Look for the transfer tab which is always are the upper bar.
3.Look for add external account and click on it.
4. Here you will need the Account number and Rounting number from your logs. Add the account number and routing number of the logs as external account and send trial deposit to the logs.
5. In 2-3 days go back to the financial management site you added the logs to. Looks for the micro deposite sent by the drop account.
6. Go back to your drop account and verify the external account with the micro deposit or trial deposit.
7. In most cases you can initiate a transfer from your external account which is your logs to the drop account the same day. But i will advice you to wait two more days.
8. You should always read about the drop bank very well and know their daily limits.
9. For maximum success always trial a lower transfer first for example try to transfer $1800 as first time and you can go higher on the second time but it should always be within the limit of the bank.

Most banks that are good to be used as drop accounts are Credit Union banks. I always cashout when i use credit union banks as drops