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$5+ a day w/ youtube and autosurf

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This method was initially performed by me with no refferals
Easy and good method for your YouTube channel!

1. Get a YouTube channel with graphics set up
2. Upload a video - while that's going go to step 3
Ex: Here
3. Partner your YT channel here
Be sure to log in with your channel!
4. Accept the invite to the network on your YT dashboard (Comes within 1-24 hours)
Edit: Check all ad types in YT
5. Sign up with this exchange here
6. Start generating credits on your VPS/Computer
7. Submit your YT video link (No Shortlink***)
Settings - Hide reffer, Visit duration 90 seconds(Most Profitable)
8. Turn auto distribute on
9. In 7-10 days your earnings will show on YT
10. Make sure your PayPal email is in the network
11. You will get your payout on this schedule - No minimum payout
12. Sit back and log in to Websyndic daily to check on your VPS/Computer
As an added bonus if you're active you will start getting real views and increased returns
13. Reinvest in credits from Websyndic

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I do not moderate, administrate, own, or run any of these websites.


Help! I'm stuck at 301 views!
Wait 7-10 days, double check settings, and continue sending views.

How do I know this works?
Check the examples.

Will I get banned?
Nobody has so far in my referral list anyway. Therefore, no.

How long should my video be?
I recommend at least 90 seconds for maximum acceptance.

Just a new tutorial for you guys, enjoy, and give me reputation if you want to increase your leecher level.
or you will be reported.