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    How to find the IP address and Domain Name using cmd?

    This trick will help you to find the ip of the domain How to Find? Go to Start->run->cmd now type as “nslookup domain_name” It will show the IP address of Domain.
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    How to Remove shortcut arrow from desktop icons

    ometimes when you use shortcut’s on desktop for your frequently used files or movies it is ugly to see a small Shortcut arrow at the bottom corner of the Shortcut icon. Here’s how you can remove those shortcut arrows from your desktop icons in Windows XP. 1. Start->Run->regedit 2. Navigate to...
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    How to hack a WordPress website with WPScan

    This tutorial in the category WordPress hacking will teach you how to scan WordPress websites for vulnerabilities, enumerate WordPress user accounts and brute force passwords. Enumerating WordPress users is the first step in a brute force attack in order to gain access to a WordPress account...
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    Cardable Sites

    www.glassesusa.com www.neutrogena.com www.wristcandywatchclub.com Method: Bill=Ship / Valid Public CC / No Vpn No Socks / Clear Cookies after no buy 5/6x
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    A batch program to open the notepad file continuously

    Hi friends, As usual today also i am going to give you simple batch program to open the notepad continuously. This is not at all going to harmful. But be careful. Batch Code: @ECHO off :top START %SystemRoot%system32notepad.exe GOTO top Open the Notepad and paste this code. Save the file...
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    Download Widestep elite Keylogger 7.0 [Free]

    You may need keylogger in this following situation: you are a caring parent and need to know whom your kids are talking to or what websites they are visiting while you’re away you are suspecting your spouse/ girlfriend or boyfriend in cheating. Key logger You may need keylogger for...
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    Introduction to Cryptography

    Now a days Internet is important part of Life. We are using Internet for sending confidential data also like password,for storing army secrets. But the Internet is insecure medium. Do you know why? Insecure Medium: Imagine you are sending a data. In internet world data are separated as...
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    How to add programs to windows start up list?

    If you want to run any programs when you log in to your computer, you can. In this article i will guide you to do that. Any application can be made to auto-start on windows login by adding that specific application to startup folder There are two ways to add the Programs to windows Start up...
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    Access Data of a Password Protected User in Windows XP when fails to Boot

    You may come across a situation in which your windows XP PC fails to reboot, and the most accepted solution to that problem is to re-format the Hard Disk. Before formatting, you should backup your files. If your computer is password protected, you won’t be able to access them from outside, so...
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    Mobile recharge

    Use USA Fresh Same Zip IP (As Per The Cc) 911 Recommended ✔ Go To Mobile Recharge ✔ Choose Operator ✔ Type Your Number ✔ On Next Page SignUp With Cc Detail ✔ You Will Be brought to Payment Page, Submit Billing Address & Cc Num, Expiry & Cvv Click "I Accept Terms & Cond." And Hit Place...
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    Carding Terms for NOOBS

    Billing address -> the card owner address Drop -> innerman. His task is to receive the money or goods and, accordingly, to give the part of the earnings to you. Biling -> office, which has agreement with a bank. Also this office assumes payments for the cards. Card bill -> it’s a Bank emitent...
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    Wifi Cracker!!!!!!!

    Crack some wifis leading to passwords and taking over the game!!! https://mega.nz
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    14 Netflix Premium Accounts With Capture

    [email protected]:5102sio2 | Plan = 베이식 | Country = KR | Screen = 1 [email protected]:cu1604 | Plan = 프리미엄 | Country = KR | Screen = 4 [email protected]:dnflwlq1 | Plan = 베이식 | Country = KR | Screen = 1 [email protected]:eek:per1004 | Plan = 프리미엄 | Country = KR | Screen = 4...
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    Ebay Carding Method

    1. Firstly you need fresh , clean RDP server.When you got RDP server, connect and do everything in that server. 2. If there's no mozilla firefox browser, download it. 3. Now you need some socks 5. DON'T USE FREE SOCKS POSTED ON FORUMS OR FACEBOOK, YOUR SOCKS5 SHOULD BE PRIVATE. 4. When you got...
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    Follow These Steps For Hack WiFi Password Using MITM Method:- 1- Goto: https://github.com/wi-fi-analyzer/fluxion 2- After Downloading fluxion. Goto Downloads and extract Fluxion 3- Goto extracted directory where fluxion.sh is located and Run ./fluxion.sh Note- If all required files are updated...
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    MAC Address Spoofing With Macchanger In Kali Linux

    MAC address spoofing is a technique for temporarily changing your Media Access Control (MAC) address on a network device. A MAC Address is a unique and hardcoded address programmed into network devices which cannot be changed permanently. The MAC address is in the 2nd OSI layer and should be...
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    BANGGOOD carding method and BINS

    METHOD TO CARD BANGGOOD! *) dont use google chrome use (firefox, *)creat a gmail adress of cc owner name *)clear history manually and again using (cccleaner) *)connect your shocks5 proxy(keep sure it should connected and it should be premium shocks not free or random!) *)connect hma to cc ower...
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    Cash App Latest Carding Method

    There is a new working method and bin for Cash App (Square Cash) in 2020. If you have been trying it in the past year and it’s not working out, maybe you are missing something or using the wrong bin. Today, I will educate you on the latest cash app method and tutorial. I will give a complete...
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    How to use trojan for real PROFIT

    This tutorial based on theory what you already have a trojan for grabbing accounts and other private info of victim for you. First of all after you bought trojan you need webserver, where all your logs will be kept. Using e-mail for it is a not a good idea. First your e-mail account can be...
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    Complete azure web developer course.

    This course is designed for web developers who wants to learn about clouds and how to use cloud as a host for their websites. we will be talking about how to develop projects in azure and make them live, also how to use virtual machines just like our computer and make them host for our websites...