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carders hacking forum

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    Fresh netflix standard [no locked accounts]

    [email protected]:Nashville123 [email protected]:loveme4ever [email protected]:collier [email protected]:gisell123 [email protected]:paulac21 [email protected]:a3f6at7t [email protected]:amsterdam2013 [email protected]:magica1971...
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    QRLJacker is a highly customizable exploitation framework to demonstrate "QRLJacking Attack Vector" to show how it is easy to hijack services that depend on the QR Code as an authentication and login method, Mainly it aims to raise security awareness regarding all the services using the QR Code...
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    How To Hack Facebook Fan Pages and Earn Money

    Step 1 - Setup Your Keylogger Or Stealer Step 2 - Save Your Server name as Facebook Likes Increaser/Facebook Tagging/Facebook Pages/FanPage Promotor Step 3 - Upload Your Server Via FTP And Get The Link Some Link like Step 4 - Go To And make your server...
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    3 Steps GMail MITM Hacking Using Bettercap

    Computer security is improving and getting tough day by days, but most of technology leave the users behind about the importance of awareness of the user itself. According to the website this tool is a powerful, flexible and portable tool created to perform various types of MITM...
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    What is Guest Blogging? What is the Use?

    Guest blogging is used by bloggers as a way to network with other people within the blogosphere, grow relationships with other blog readers, and increase traffic for their own blogs. There are two primary types of guest blogging: Guest blogging on your own blog: When someone writes a post for...
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    How to add special symbols in orkut scrap book?

    For adding the special key, Press alt key and type the associated number with symbols in following table(type the number in numper pad) Key Symbol alt + 987 █ alt + 1 ☺ alt + 2 ☻ alt + 3 ♥ alt + 4 ♦ alt + 5 ♣ alt + 6 ♠ alt + 7 • alt + 8 ◘ alt + 9 ○ alt + 0178 ² alt +...
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    Always use RDP, SOCKS or VIP72 client or Proxifier on RDP. On Windows: Delete your DNS Cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /flushdns Release your cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /release Renew your IPV4 or cache by typing on CMD : ipconfig /renew Method #1: Step 1: First go to...
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    How to Remove Recycle bin icon from Desktop

    If you like to delete your recycle bin and make your desktop clean,then this trick will help you. Goto Start->Run Type as “regedit” and hit enter. Go to this path ” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerBitBucket” Right click on the folder and select new Then select...
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    USB Stealer - Steal password, login details using pendrive or any USB drive

    There’s a lot of people in the world and even more online accounts. Every security system has a flaw and what we’re going to discuss here is just that. Most people, with their eyes on the clock and not a second to spare just tick “Remember Me” on various websites without a second thought...
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    Ransomware, How To Spreed It And Make Money With It

    This Is Where To Get The Source Code And The Necessary Tools To Create Your Own Ransomware (EASY s**t Don't Pay) WARNING: Be Very Careful With These And Make Sure You Know What Your Doing Before f**king With Them, Because You Will Infect Yourself If Your Not Careful. Open Them In A Regular...
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    How to recover the deleted or corrupted photos in Digital cam?

    Disk internals screenshot Imagine you are going to tour and take lots of photos in your Digital Camera. Unfortunately, you erased the photos mistakenly or it is corrupted.[My girl friend did this stupid thing. At that time i can not help her without knowing about this software.] What can...
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    How to clean the Process in RAM using Notepad?

    All of us know about RAM is important for system. RAM is known as Random Access Memory(temporary memory for system). RAM stores data or process which are running currently now. But the stored data will be alive until the system is turned on. Once you turned off the system data will be erased...
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    A simple batch program for Port Scanning

    Hi friends in this post we are going to see how to create Batch programming for port scanning. Open Notepad Paste this code: @ECHO off color 0a cd C: cls for /L %%v in (1,1,11) do telnet %1 %%v GOTO scan2 :scan2 for /L %%w in (12,1,20) do telnet %1 %%w Save it with .bat extension(for eg...
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    Temporary Disposable Email address Services

    While signing up to an online account or doing such stuff on web, you can use these temporary disposable email addresses provided by email services. This keeps your real email address protected from spam. These services provide you with email addresses of the format you desire. Temporary email...
  15. Gold Max

    C Program to Set/Change the Current System Time

    #include <stdio.h> #include<dos.h> int main(void) { struct time t; gettime(&t); printf(“The current hour is: %dn”, t.ti_hour); printf(“The current min is: %dn”, t.ti_min); printf(“The current second is: %dn”, t.ti_sec); /* Add one to the hour,minute & sec struct element and then call settime...
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    Wireless hacking using jumpstart&dumpper

    Laptop/Desktop with Wireless Adaptor, since we are going to hack a Wifi Network Jumpstart by Atheros Dumpper WinPCap You can download all those files here: Fire up dumpper and do the following Copy the PIN...
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    Cardable websites FR

    Bonjours voici 2 site no vbv J'ai un site iphone 100% shipp vs cc livre que en france
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    1 New Way To Relive Some Zinio File

    1 New Way To Relive Some Zinio File In order to be able to read the mags, you have to be connected to the internet when you open them for the first time. It creates an .xml file in a folder called "ContentGuard", located in "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\ContentGuard". (User...
  19. ALEX

    Reality Show Members Charged with Telemarketing Scam

    Two cast members of an American reality TV show have been indicted in connection with a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme that victimized the elderly. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City stars Jennifer Shah and Stuart Smith were arrested on March 30 and charged with conspiracy to commit wire...
  20. ALEX

    Double-Extortion Ransomware Attacks Surged

    Double-extortion ransomware attacks exploded , according to F-Secure’s Attack Landscape Update report. The tactic involves threat actors stealing data from organizations in addition to encrypting files. This means that, as well as demanding a ransom to decrypt data, attackers can later threaten...