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  1. Gold Max

    C Program to Set/Change the Current System Time

    #include <stdio.h> #include<dos.h> int main(void) { struct time t; gettime(&t); printf(“The current hour is: %dn”, t.ti_hour); printf(“The current min is: %dn”, t.ti_min); printf(“The current second is: %dn”, t.ti_sec); /* Add one to the hour,minute & sec struct element and then call settime...
  2. Gold Max

    Wireless hacking using jumpstart&dumpper

    Laptop/Desktop with Wireless Adaptor, since we are going to hack a Wifi Network Jumpstart by Atheros Dumpper WinPCap You can download all those files here: https://sourceforge.net/directory/system-administration/networking/wireless/os:windows/ Fire up dumpper and do the following Copy the PIN...
  3. Gold Max

    Cardable websites FR

    Bonjours voici 2 site no vbv Back2buzz.be Mrporter.com J'ai un site iphone 100% shipp vs cc livre que en france
  4. Gold Max

    For Real Windows short access command buttons for Newbie's here

    For Real Windows Newbie's here you go... CTRL+C (Copy) CTRL+X (Cut) CTRL+V (Paste) CTRL+Z (Undo) DELETE (Delete) SHIFT+DELETE (Delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin) CTRL while dragging an item (Copy the selected item) CTRL+SHIFT while dragging an item...
  5. ALEX

    Reality Show Members Charged with Telemarketing Scam

    Two cast members of an American reality TV show have been indicted in connection with a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme that victimized the elderly. Real Housewives of Salt Lake City stars Jennifer Shah and Stuart Smith were arrested on March 30 and charged with conspiracy to commit wire...
  6. ALEX

    Double-Extortion Ransomware Attacks Surged

    Double-extortion ransomware attacks exploded , according to F-Secure’s Attack Landscape Update report. The tactic involves threat actors stealing data from organizations in addition to encrypting files. This means that, as well as demanding a ransom to decrypt data, attackers can later threaten...
  7. ALEX

    Concern as Ransomware and Exchange Server Attacks Surge

    There are growing concerns that more unpatched Microsoft Exchange servers could be compromised in ransomware attacks after Check Point revealed major recent surges in ProxyLogon attacks and ransomware. The security vendor claimed in new figures released today that it has detected a 57% increase...
  8. ALEX

    McAfee Partners with College to Help Address Cyber-Skills Shortage

    McAfee has announced a partnership with London South East Colleges in a bid to provide students with insights into working in the cybersecurity industry. The initiative is part of efforts to encourage younger people to pursue a career cybersecurity and address the skills gap in the sector...
  9. ALEX

    CNA Suffers “Sophisticated” Cyber-Attack

    The website of insurance giant CNA is out of action following a cyber-attack that took place over the weekend. Visitors to the website of the Chicago-based firm are greeted with a notice explaining that threat actors have disrupted the company's network. In a statement released Tuesday...
  10. ALEX

    #IMOS21: The Critical Role of Culture in DevSecOps

    The approach organizations should take to develop and maintain an effective DevSecOps culture were highlighted by Patrick Debois, director of market strategy at Snyk during a session at the Infosecurity Magazine Online Summit EMEA 2021. Debois firstly emphasized the importance of an...
  11. ALEX

    SysWhispers - AV/EDR Evasion Via Direct System Calls

    SysWhispers helps with evasion by generating header/ASM files implants can use to make direct system calls. All core syscalls are supported from Windows XP to 10. Example generated files available in example-output/. Introduction Various security products place hooks in user-mode APIs which...
  12. ALEX

    Facebash - Facebook Brute Forcer In Shellscript Using TOR

    Facebook Brute Forcer in shellscript using TOR WARNING: Facebook blocks account for 1 hour after 20 wrong passwords, so this script can perform only 20 pass/h. Features Save/Resume sessions Anonymous attack through TOR Default Password List (+39k) Usage: Code: git clone...
  13. ALEX

    How to use card in Samsung Pay/ Apple Give And Android Pay

    You require fullz with cvv and email access. sign into email. Place cvv into android pay or apple pay Samsung Pay. it is going to say you have to verify via email. Because you have email access to that account, verify through the e-mail. After you verify from the email. the card will be verified...
  14. ALEX


    HOW TO LOAD PREPAID CARDS 2021 1) First of all you login the prepaid card, click on the direct deposit and you will see the account and routine number of the prepaid card, write it down somewhere safe 2) Get a huttington bank login with Email access 3) Login the huttington bank log , head...
  15. Gold Max


    learn how to exploit G2A for buy digital products (gift cards, games keys) and get refund of yours Bitcoins Download PDF tutorial for free G2A Method - Bitcoin Refund Exploit.pdf - AnonFiles Attachments G2A Method - Bitcoin Refund Exploit.pdf 884.2 KBViews: 0
  16. Gold Max

    1️⃣ ♏ EMAIL COMBO

    COMBO 1M.txt - AnonFiles
  17. Gold Max

    Secret Trick To Improve Your Dorks (increase Targeted Urls)

    Simple Trick To Improve Dorks When making your dorks, add a "*" in front or behind the keywords. Search engines treat the asterisk (*) as a placeholder for words. For example, "spotify*" will get you results for keywords such as "spotify premium" and "spotify family". However, "spotify"...
  18. Gold Max

    10 Legit Ways to Get Free Gift Cards (Apple, Visa, & More)

    How to Get Free Gift Cards Without Spending Money Shopping isn’t the only way to earn free gift cards (although we’ll get to that in a minute). Here are a few options for earning rewards that don’t require you to spend money. 1. Try out a new search engine Earning Potential: 2.5/5.0 stars...
  19. Gold Max

    Ransom ware operators buy access to networks on the dark net

    Ransom ware operators have begun actively reaching out to underground vendors of corporate network access to avoid the hassle of cyber attacks. The Accenture Cyber Threat Intelligence team has published research findings on emerging cyber security trends, highlighting the nature of the...
  20. ALEX


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