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  1. Gold Max

    EMV Tutorial How To Encode A Blank Card 2023 (Updated) From Gold Max

    If that is entered, enter the AID into "AID" tab, which is basically data that regonizes which bank is issued. If you don't know what AID you need look in my channel, i posted a full list there. For now i will use 31010 as this the standard aid for visa. Enter the pin into the "Pin" tab, the pin...
  2. B

    Amazon, Google and Microsoft open to hackers: Fluent Bit bug gives access to data

    DoS attacks and code execution affect the largest cloud providers and IT giants. Tenable specialists have identified a critical vulnerability in Fluent Bit that can lead to a DoS attack and remote code execution. The flaw affects all major cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and...