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This is NOT a method for getting free money / cards. You will need to refill the card with your own money.
It is for those who are either underaged or don't have a credit/debit card, and need to buy somewhere where they only take cards. (You can buy games, discord nitro, subscriptions, etc.)
You can refill your Virtual Card with cryptocurrencies, paypal, gift cards, skrill, bank transfer, cash, and much more...
You can create as many cards as you want.
The site we will be using for this is AirTM.
This site released some days ago a new product: their "Virtual Card".
AirTM is a wallet that has a P2P exchange platform integrated (like LocalBitcoins, Paxful).
How to:
Create an account on AirTM (
1. You will need to deposit money into your AirTM wallet (stored as USD) using your desired payment method (cryptocurrencies, paypal, gift cards, etc.).
2. Once you have the money in your wallet, go to the 'Virtual Cards' section ( and request a Virtual Card.
3. Then choose a name for the card (not your name), and the amount you want to refill your card with.

* Have in mind that this is a non-reloadable, if you want to add more balance you will need to create another one.
So plan your purchases to prevent having a left-over balance. Any left-over balance will not be redeemable/refunded.
* The card has a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $800.
Unverified vs Verified users:
It is optional to verify your account, verified/unverified users have their pros/cons.
Unverified users can only make ONE PURCHASE with the card, then they will have to create another one. The FIXED FEE is $3.85 per card.
While Verified users can make MULTIPLE PURCHASES. The FIXED FEE is $4.95 and there is a fee of $1 per extra purchase.