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!! TOR browser - click !!!, soon we will make regular domains tha7b66ezt56gh63voxmcmmgvsgcjgeec6m4djyvxsn7jnqyexq3z2id.onion - << Rating of the best stores !! >>


If you want to sell your cards, you can contact me. I make unique offers.
I accept cards from 10% valid, which are not accepted in other stores

I also sell first-hand cards on special conditions, very favorable.

[email protected]


  • We also have our own sniffers
  • Prices are indicative
  • Value category. Very cheap cards of different valid from 10% to 90%
  • Low valid cards 10-19% sell on average from $0.3 to $1.5 with a NoREF value
  • Valid cards 20-30% cost an average of $1.5-2 with a NoREF value
  • Valid cards 30-50% cost an average of $2.5 - $4 with a NoREF value
  • Everything above goes 50-95% for the REF valid with a check on the trychecker, cost an average of 5$

We also accept cards for sale, write your contacts in a personal.

  1. Friends. I accept your cards for addition to our store.
  2. Minimum valid from 10% then from 2000 cards are sold as NOREF
  3. If the validity is 50%+ then from 500 cards are sold as REF
  4. Good conditions for cards over 100k+ pieces
  5. drop your jabber or TOX in a private message

If there is a large batch of 100k to 1kk credit cards, then we set the lowest possible price even with a high validity of up to 50% in order to sell faster

Cards that come exclusively from the sniffer, we mark them as 'by sniffer'
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