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== MARKO POLO == FIX PRICE 1$ NoREF and 10$ with REF Material Cards https://ohu-status.com


New member
I have never seen any clearly failed or low-validated CCs here. Bro thank you for the constantly stable good quality of your staff


New member
I took REF without a checker, someone will say what’s the point of taking them if you can’t exchange them if something happens, everything is very simple, REF has better quality but also a higher price. But my choice is still for REF db


New member
Damn, a few days of downtime at work ruins my plans, I didn’t plan to do this at all. Bro let's update the material
I don’t believe that those CCs that are in the store are fully considered by you for work. I found a lot of things that I missed earlier. If there is a choice to look more carefully and sit without work, I will choose the first option. Well, it's up to you to decide


New member
I rarely wait for an update. I look through new arrivals myself, and if they are not there, I look for them from previous updates. But fresh is a priority


New member
Everything worked and it can’t help but work! I now clearly understand that I shouldn’t wait for messages here, but go to the store and buy only what’s fresh