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This Method is not out Yet.
i Have Made $428 to be exact in the last 2 days.

There Are Exactly 3 Methods to do so..

Do Leave a Like If it Works for You..

Methods are given below ..

Method No.1 ( Ewhoring )
Get a New instagram account and upload couple of photos and use tags on them.
Make sure you have followers atleast 400 .. get followers online for free or buy them. ( they are very cheap)
people will reach our dms automatically. Make sure to message people . Especially gamers..

Method 2

Start Selling Accounts. Like Netflix or spotify.. Get them at very cheap rates and sell them on instagram and twitter..
Not promoting but i sell 25 yearly spotify accounts at $25. get to any seller who sells at cheap rates . Buy From Them and sell at $2 per each.

Hook me up on instagram if you have any problems.. i will personally help you.